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Black Clover Chapter 268 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Black Clover is going through one of the most intense arc of the series. After the capture of Yami and William in the Clover Kingdom and the Queen of Heart Kingdom Lolopechika, both the Kingdoms have weakened quite a bit. The previous Chapter revealed new character and supposedly Astas Mom. With this let’s learn about the Leaks and Spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 268.


As per the leaked scans, the name of the Chapter is “Devil.” And the chapter begins with a flashback of when Astas Devil was a kid.

  1. A Bullied Devil.
  2. Astas Devil’s Name Revealed.
  3. The Suppressed Anger

A Bullied Devil:

When Lucifero saw Astas Devil, he said to Dante that he do not recognize the devil because it may be a low class devil far more weaker than any Devil in existence. And we come to see the exact thing in the Devil’s flashback.

Asta’s devil is relatively shorter than an average Devil, and even Asta whose height is medium says that his Devil just seem to be large and in flesh he is short. This short appearance of his caused him to to be bullied and ultimately he was an outcast.

Astas Devil somehow reaches to Human Realm from Demon Realm when he was a kid and everyone was afraid of him for his appearance. But, the Woman, who is supposed to be Astas Mother took him and nurtured him.

The Woman also finds the 5 Leaf Grimoire that Asta have but, how she got it was not revealed. Days passed and Astas Devil spent his time with the Woman and grew up under human influence.

But, one day Astas Devil suddenly loses control to Lucifero , but the Woman tries to stop Lucifero and in return she gets stabbed. But, who stabs her is not clear. But, she is successful in stopping lucifero.

To protect Astas Devil, the woman seals him inside the Grimoire. After she takes such a harsh decision, she comforts Astas Devil that someday he will come out stronger than before.

It it not clear whether her name is Richiyu or Richita as of now. We will know this when the official Chapters are out.

Astas Devil’s Name:

Asta’s Devil name is Liebe. This name was given by the woman who took him when he was a kid.

The Suppressed Anger:

Astas Devil has a lot of suppressed anger against all the Devils, since they all bullied him for his weakness. And that’s why he wants to take over Astas body and defeat the devils himself.


With these leaks, we are slowly approaching towards the history of Asta and his relationship with the Woman. When the woman was first introduced, rumors spread that it is Astas Mom, but as of Chapter 268 raw scans there are many unanswered questions.

Even the rumor that the Devil may be Astas Father got debunked and proved to be false, since the Devil is a real Devil and not some human forcefully transformed into a Devil.

Chapter 269 Prediction:

Though it is too early to predict Chapter 269, since Spoilers of Chapter 268 are still coming out. But, following the pattern at which the chapters are going on, we can say that even in Chapter 269 we will see a bit of conversation between Astas Devil and Asta.

Asta will probably fight a hard battle against the Devil, but he will ultimately win over the Devil with his love and humanly nature. The Devil that is inside Asta is a different kind of Devil and not all all like Lucifero.

So, my personal prediction is that withing 5 chapter Asta will get a hold of is Devil and form a peaceful pact.

Another thing that I think is that, the woman we saw in Chapter 267 may not be Astas Mom and someone of a similar nature like Asta.

Tabata is trying to confuse us into thinking that the woman is Astas Mom by making her personality similar to Asta and also the way she talks.

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