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Black Clover 273 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release.

Since, the last few Chapter, Black Clover manga has been hitting us with back-to-back revelations. After William, Yami and were taken by the Knights of Spade Kingdom, both the Kingdoms are at turmoil and training hard to take their Captain and Queen back. In the previous Chapter, we saw Asta and Liebe combining and hinting a new form. With this let’s see Black Clover 273 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


  • Chapter name if “Fateful Day” and contains 15 pages.
  • Dante is being treated by Morris (Shadow Leader of Diamond Kingdom) and Zenon arrive to see Dante.
  • Dante says that he wants a rematch with “that little Boy” (Probably Asta).
  • It seems Diamond and Spade Kingdom have made a alliance.
  • A Giant Devil is revealed in the next panel and is supposed to be sealed for now.
  • Yami & William are in a coffin as the tree starts to grow.
  • Back to Asta training with Nacht, as he combines with Liebe, he is seen releasing a lot of Anti-Magic. But, his new form was not revealed.
  • Nacht encourages Asta by telling that he went through a lot of suffering but in the end he was right. He also stated that right people don’t get rewarded but…
  • Nacht continues “I want the right people to live, the vast majority have the truth. It is not always the case that a good person is rewarded. Even though I fought hard back then, I lost.”
  • It seems that Nacht has completed his mission and is ready to leave. He leaves behind Gimodelo to help Asta to fully control his devil.
  • Nacht: “We will do as much as we can until you’ll come.”
  • In the last panel we see the team ready to invade Spade Kingdom, The team is wearing a new Uniform.
  • The team consists of: Rill, Charlotte, Sekke, Jack, Nozel, Fuegoleon, Langris and Yuno.
  • This Chapter marks the beginning of Volume 28!

Dante is Alive

After Yami and Asta defeated Dante in an all-out battle, we thought that Dante was dead for good. But, it was Zenon who spoiled the party. He not only took Dante with him, but also Yami and William. Yet, we thought that maybe Dante is dead or extremely injured to fight another battle.

But, unfortunately, we were wrong here. In the latest Spoiler, we see that Dante is alive, though not in perfect condition, but alive and healing himself.

What’s important to look into is that, in the spoilers, we see Dante exuding an entirely different built-up rage towards Asta. To the point that he says to Zenon that he want to fight the “Little Kid” again.

A new Devil?

Well that’s not a good news for Clover and Heart Kingdom. First Dante being alive, then Diamond Kingdom joining hands with Spade Kingdom, and on top of it, a new Devil? That too an extremely powerful looking one.

Now, that a new Devil is confirmed, the question is, what can the Devil do when it is unleashed? Because the War is nearing and of sure when things go out of hand Spade Kingdom is surely going to use it.

Tree of Qliphoth starts to Grow

This is the worst that can happen with Clover and Heart Kingdom. The Knights of both the Kingdoms are training day and night only to save Yami and William from being a sacrifice.

But, according to the leaks, the Tree has started growing and we can already see the jumbled up roots spreading itself.

On the other hand, this indicates that the War is coming closer and since this is the beginning of a new Volume, the War is more apparent now.

Asta Combines With Liebe

In the previous Chapter, we saw how both Asta and Liebe tried to join together and unleash a new form. We readers were all waiting to see the new form, but it seems that Tabata has reserved it for different Chapter.

But, it’s sure that the form is considerably powerful, since, Nacht was sweating a bit. Though, this is my personal opinion.

Sekke in the Team?

Buh-Hah What? In the final Panel, when the “Spade Invader Team”(A name I came up with) was shown, we can see Sekke standing in the back probably shivering.

Now, the whole Black Clover community is taking this as a “Troll” from Tabata, since Sekke has always been one the main best side characters in Black Clover.

But, even though we always laugh at how Sekke is, he plays an important role in Black Clover. That is the part of maintaining the balance between the “Serious” elements and “Funny” elements. Even in “Licht Arc”, when the knights were overtaken by the Elves. Sekke’s role was mostly displayed as someone balancing the “Seriousness” and “Fun”.

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