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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 36 Release Date, Discussion, Stream.

With the release of the second season of Re: Zero Starting life in another world, we are introduced to an another round of Subaru facing the worst of the worst. And after 10 episodes of the Second Season the intensity of suffering that Subaru is experiencing is off charts, though we see that he is taking decisions cleverly. How will Subaru bring Rem back from her eternal slumber will be an interesting thing to see.

Release Date:

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 11 will release on 16 September, Wednesday.

The series is not under any hiatus, and every episode will release as per schedule.

Re:Zero Episode 10 Recap:

After meeting the Witches in the previous episodes we saw how Subaru came out even stronger than before and even more determined to kill off anything that stops him. But, as we know since Subaru can re experience the same possibility in a different way, he doesn’t know what he will face again. And we usually always see him facing the worst unexpected of all. In Episode 35 too he faces a different circumstance.

Satella’s Madness:

In the previous episode we remember Echidna saying to Subaru to stay away from The Witch of Hunger because if he experiences something while meeting the Witch, the disability would be permanent even if he dies repeatedly.

In this episode the beginning we see Garfiel saving Subaru in his beast from, but, he is torn apart by Satella who is repeatedly chanting “I LOVE YOU” to Subaru. But, Subaru is not too much affected by Satella and says to her he had no emotion towards her. Listening to this, Satella is shocked and covers Subaru into her Black Shadow while saying “LOVE ME”. While in her Shadow, Subaru sees the memory fragments of Satella and is somehow able to come out it.

Ryuzu’s Secret Revealed:

After he comes out from Satella’s dark shadows, Subaru moves on to verify the memories he saw. And then he discovers that the Ryuzu we see in all the episode are actually a product of Echidna’s experiment. Doing this Echidna tried to defeat mortality only to fail. As a result she made clones of Ryuzu and assigned them to guard the Area they were in. The Ryuzu we see in all the episode is also a copy of the real Ryuzu, but she is different than the other Ryuzu.

Where to Watch:

There are various ways to watch Re:Zero. These are some of the ways you can watch Re:Zero:

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The story is centered around the main Protagonist named Natsuki Subaru who, after suddenly being transported to a different world discovers that he cannot die. To be precise, he has the power to re-experience and change the fate of the same possibility over and over again. In the beginning this ability is unique for him, but as time goes by, he suffers the most as he can’t tell anyone that he has this terrifying ability and if he tries to tell this to anyone, he dies.

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