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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 11 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online.

In the previous episode we saw how the students of the Hero Academy were cheating to gain unfair advantage over the Demons, and how even the best students of the Demon Academy tried their best but, they lost. The episode ended with Anos and his team preparing for an all-out attack. Episode of the Demon King Academy was remarkable on its own because this episode introduced us to the real power that Anos holds.

Release Date:

The Misfit of Demon King Academy will Release on September 20, Sunday. Time to rejoice because the series is not on a break.

Demon King Academy Episode 10 Review:

The Sinister Voice:

Though most of the episode was filled with Anos, Misha, Shasha and Lay fighting individually with the Heroes, we learned what was the driving hatred that led the Heroes hate so much even though there has been no War since ages. While the Demons and Heroes were fighting inside the protection blob, they suddenly started hearing voices “Kill The Demons” repeatedly, that was even affecting the Demons.

Anos understood that the higher ups of the Heroes were trying the brainwash the upcoming generation in instilling hatred towards the Demons. Though for a moment some of the Demons started coming under the influence of the Brainwash-Spell, they easily broke through it.

Anos’ Respect Towards Hero Kanon:

While fighting the Heroes Anos revealed something interesting about how Kanon and we got a sneak peek into how powerful Kanon was. While fighting the heroes, Anos says that Kanon had Seven sources that kept him alive and he was almost immortal.

What made him immortal was the Seven sources distributed in his body. Even if he was destroyed to the core, he could easily recover himself from just one of the sources.

While talking about Kanon, we could see how Anos admired Kanon.

” I’m Magic ”

While fighting the Heroes, Anos was facing heavy resistance from the Rank 1 of the Hero Academy. Anos ordered Misha to check out the source. When she went on to check, she was confronted by the Hero Academy teacher and a fight broke out between them. But, Misha was overpowered and was stabbed multiple times.

The Animators have done a great job representing the hatred coming out of the Hero Academy teacher. Though he stabbed Misha multiple times, she was barely living, until then, Anos comes and kills him. After Anos heals Misha, they both enter the room where Eleonore is present. Upon asked by Anos, Who she was? She replied “I’m Magic.”

Where to Watch:

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Overall episode 10 was mind-blowing. The way Anos handled the Heroes and other, withing a short period of time, is pretty remarkable. We were also introduced to the power of Kanon through the Hero students.

The next episode we will get an even more in depth idea about “The Magic”.

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