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One Piece Chapter 1020 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Discussions

So, we are finally here! After Kaido’s clash with Luffy and the Red Scabbards, it’s Yamato that he will fight with.

With every chapter release, we are getting more than enough revelation. It’s getting harder with every episode to decide which revelation is of prime importance. For now, I think Who’s Who revelation about Luffy’s Devil Fruit holds the highest impact.

The amount of questions Who’s Who’s revelation raised is hard to contain. Some in the community are speculating that it’s Roger’s Devil Fruit, some on the other hand are arguing that it’s the Sun God’s.

I won’t make any speculations in this topic since it’s already overcrowded. Back to the upcoming chapter. Yamato is getting ready to go all-out against her father. Well, I don’t think I should call him her father after what he has done, but, we cannot deny this.

One Piece Yamato Chinese Mythical Beast
Chinese Mythical Beast, “Qilin”

Yamato has finally revealed her Hybrid form, and some people are comparing her Beast form with a mythical Chinese beast, “Qilin.” It’s said that this mythical beast is comparable to Dragons when it comes to power.

No one knows what One Piece Chapter 1020 Spoilers will reveal, and also the fact that who will defeat Kaido. Who knows, maybe Yamato’s Hybrid form will really do the damage.

Chapter 1019 Recap

Don’t hate me when I say that Chapter 1019 was a mediocre chapter. Yes, the fighting scene of Franky and Sanji was surely dopamine booster, but, you can say that this chapter was silence before a big storm.

And if you read the scans, it’s pretty much evident by now. Yamato has hatred towards Kaido because of various other reason we still don’t know. And her respect towards Oden explains it.


In short Chapter 1019 covered four portions. First was the battle between Sanji & Queen, then Luffy wakes up. After that we saw how Zoro was being medically treated, and then we moved on to Franky vs Sasaki. Franky has met a worthy opponent in this battlefield. Finally we reached to the moment when Yamato challenges Kaido for a duel.

Here too Kaido reveals that Yamato ate a Devil Fruit that she shouldn’t have. It’s her fault. To which she replies that she was hungry and didn’t think much before eating.

Do you smell something similar? Yes, Luffy also did the same when he was a kid. The timing of Luffy coming back to senses and Yamato challenging Kaido hints that Yamato will face defeat after a fierce fight, and the one to save her will he her future captain.

Chapter 1020 Predictions

Most of us fans will expect the chapter to directly begin with Kaido vs Yamato, but, I have a strong feeling that it will start with Luffy. He has finally woken up after a long time.

And then we may see a battle between Kaido and Yamato in the midst of Chapter 1020. The pattern is same. Yamato will fight at full force, and will injure Kaido, but, she won’t defeat him. She will only injure him the same way Oden did.

while Yamato lands a strong hit on her father, he will see Oden in Yamato. This battle between the father and daughter will continue for quite many episodes, so get ready. Because when Luffy returns, it’s going to be the last fight.

Luffy may unleash a new attack that will surpass his previous ones.

All-in-all it’s pretty complicated at this point to make any prediction, since most of them gets proven wrong at the end of the day anyways!

Release Date

One Piece will be on a BREAK due to Olympics in Japan. Hence, we will get Chapter 1020 a week later. Not only One Piece, but, many other manga will also take a week break due to Olympics.


Wow! The Spoilers are already out:

  • Chapter 1020 title: “Robin Vs. Black Maria.”
  • Yamato has eaten Inu-Inu no Mi model. Maybe that’s why she looks like a dog after transformation.
  • Robin is seen fighting some illusions. She attacks them, but Brook couldn’t attack it.
  • Black Maria’s weapon is revealed. It’s called “Wanyudo,” a type of Dog breed only found in Wano. The weapon has eaten SMILE!
  • Brook is seen attacking Black Maria’s weapon with “Cold Soul.”
  • Black Maria laughs & humiliates Sanji for crying for help.
  • Robin defends Sanji by saying Black Maria that she won’t understand what Sanji feels. He is good enough to become one of the two wings of the Pirate King.
  • Now we switch to Luffy. He meets Momo and asks him to transform to a Dragon.
  • Caribou is seeing watching from far away.

One Piece will be on a break next week. So, Chapter 1020 will come out a bit late. Though nowadays it has become pretty common for Oda to take break every other week, this time the reason is a bit different.
Not only One Piece, but, most manga will be on break. My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and many other famous manga will be on break because of Olympics.

So, we can only expects Spoilers to arrive a little late this time. It’s not sure though. It would be great if we got the Spoilers almost a week before the official chapters get released. Fingers crossed!

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