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My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Spoilers, Raw Scans

The grief was too hard for Deku to digest. It was almost evident that after Deku wakes up he would be traumatized after learning what happened to Heroes and the city. But, leaving UA altogether is a huge decision to make. Chapter 306 mostly centered on Deku and the Hero Society. Deku has revealed the secret behind his strength his classmates. But, he left Bakugo out of it because he knows he won’t let him leave so easily. With this, let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussion.

Though Deku has left UA, I don’t think he as left it permanently. The very motive of this decision is to keep his friends from any sort of danger and also keep UA safe from the Villains.

A lot of Villains have escaped from Tartarus, and it’s Deku and the remaining Heroes who will clean this mess.

Recap & Discussion

Deku Clashes With Muscular Again

Deku’s clash with Muscular brings back memories. The last time Deku clashed with him, he was not strong enough to ultimately defeat him, but the Deku we see now is a tank.

But, on the other hand, Muscular was also storing his hatred specially towards Deku and to take revenge.

For fans who are reading MHA, the fight between Deku and Muscular acts as a platform to gauge Deku’s difference of power compared to back then.


Spoilers are out on time this week too, and we have a special surprise:

  • Chapter 309 title is : “I can’t stay being a kid.”
  • Deku has defeated Muscular and now has returned to All Might.
  • All Might is concerned about Deku’s hand and asks him about its condition. Deku says it’s fine thanks to All Might who ordered him “Compression Gauntlet” from America.
  • Hawks calls All Might and asks about Deku’s condition.
  • Next we see a flashback which seems to be the time when Deku woke up from injuries.
  • The doctor explains that Deku’s body has become much more stronger. All Might finally explains OFA to Deku’s mom.
  • Deku’s mom asks what they’re gonna do now? Deku replies that he is not going to return to UA because there is a high chance that Shigaraki will attack again.
  • His mom doesn’t want Deku to leave, but he thanks her for the support she has given him and assures her that he’ll return home. All Might then makes his resolve that he’ll go together with Deku too.
  • Before finally leaving, Deku meets with Gran Torino and tells him about his meeting with the predecessors. Torino apologizes to him as he failed to kill Shigaraki.
  • Gran Torino hands over the cape to Deku and says he should wear it before he attacks League of Villains.
  • Final page shows Deku wrapping Gran Torino’s cape around his neck and teaming up with Hawks, Endeavor and All Might.
  • Chapter ends with: “With a new resolve, the heroes are starting up again!!”

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