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One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

There were revelation in Chapter 1008, and frankly speaking, none of them were shocking or surprising. The fact that it was Kanjuro and not Oden was already in speculation when Oden was suddenly shown at the end of chapter. But, the question still remains, if it wasn’t Oden who cured the Red Scabbards, then who did it? The community is saying that it’s Hiyori or an unknown character yet to be revealed. The other revelation that we go to see was Orochi’s status. When Orochi’s head was chopped off, fans of One Piece rejoiced that one of the most hideous character is finally gone, but, the way Orochi met his end was too simple for such a powerful man. And, that’s where the question always remained. Fans who believed that Orochi died were proved wrong, but those who believed that he was alive have been proved right. With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussion.

Chapter Discussion

Will Orochi Help Luffy?

When Kaido and Big Mom declared New Onigashima, Orochi showed symptoms of a rebel. And, in response we know very well what Kaido did to him. The was a total shocker and also a sigh of relief.

But, there was always a stream of skepticism about Orochi’s death. Now that it’s reveal that Orochi is alive, the question is whether he will plan to hit Kaido and take revenge.

The question, “Will Orochi Help Luffy?” is a rather complex one and the chances of this happening is very low. Orochi is lost in his own world and he sees no one as his ally. Thinking that Orochi will fight with either the Red Scabbards or Luffy is in itself surprising.


Chapter 1009 spoilers are here:

  • Chapter title is “Hell.”
  • Kin’emon and group meet Orochi and they defeat him. Orochis transforms in Yamato no Orochi form.
  • Raizo clashes with Fukurokuju.
  • Kid asks Law: “Trafalgar!! Can’t you send one of them away with your ability?”
  • Law replies: “If I could, I would have done it already!! Their Haki is so strong that I cannot move them.”
  • Luffy says: “Watch out, a big one is coming!!”
  • After Luffy says this, Big Mom and Kaido simultaneously attack.
  • Zoro tries to attack for a moment and is injured, but the rest manage to dodge it.
  • Luffy attacks Kaido, and Kaido retaliates by throwing a lightning bolt through his mouth.
  • Kaido unleashes another attack, “Anti-Three Year Hell” ( not verified.)
  • Law then uses Shambles to put Zeus in a metal box created by Kid.
  • Zoro cuts Prometheus.
  • On the other hand, Killer attacks Napoleon.
  • The combined attack of Kid and Law successfully knocks down Big Mom out of Onigashima and she falls into the sea.

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