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Black Clover Chapter 288 Spoilers, Raw Scans

As Nacht battles against the two high ranking demons, Asta has made his entrance to save him. In the past chapters we saw the secret behind Nacht’s sudden change and also got few hints as to why he hates Yami. Though the hate is not genuine, it’s more like a hate driven through sadness. Talking about Asta and his devil forms, when in the beginning Asta’s devil form was introduced, we saw how he was failing to maintain it for longer times. Now, it seems he is able to manage the state more easily. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 288 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.

Chapter Speculation

Enter Asta

As of now we are focusing on Asta’s part of the battle. The challenge that Asta is facing as of now is that he has to fight not only the two high ranking devils, but also Dante in the end.

It simply shows how powerful and effective Asta’s devil is. Nacht has four devils and yet he wasn’t able to even put a scratch. This the reason why Nacht was hell-bent on training Asta, because he knew that Devils can only be defeated through Anti-Magic that only Asta has.

Things are getting really interesting and I’m personally excited to see how Yuno is performing against Zenon. We get a glimpse on how powerful Luck, Noelle and other have become.

Good thing is that the chapters are releasing every week on time and there are no breaks.


The Spoilers are out:

Most the chapter contains battle between Asta and the two High-Ranking Devils. Asta arrives and cuts on of the Devil’s hand. Gimodelo jumps on Nacht’s shoulder completely scared.

Nacht is on the back looking at Asta and he sees Morgan in him.

In a panel, we see Liebe getting excited to fight the devils, and it has been more than 3 minutes in Asta’s devil union mode.

Chapter ends with Asta and the high-ranking devils getting to go head-on attack each other.

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