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Does Mahito Die In Jujutsu Kaisen? Did Geto Kill Him?

Be frank, what comes in your mind when you hear this character? Is it “Intense Hatred,” “Badassry,” or something entirely different? This is a character who is a villain, but gets attention similar to a star sorcerer. In a recent popularity poll, Mahito was placed in rank 15th. He ranked better than many other well-known sorcerers. In comparison, Sukuna ranked 9th on the list. When such “lovable” character dies in a series, fans become sad. Hence, to answer this question, this post will clarify the issue regarding Mahito’s present situation and future.


The Most Hated Curse?

In a series involving an Eternal War between Sorcerers and Cursed Spirits, every time someone from either side outclasses the competition. Sometimes, it is the Sorcerers who proves to be a headache for the Curses and some it’s vice-verse.

Among them, we have a character, Mahito, who is hated a lot among fans of the series, but, is also loved because of how unique he is as a Curse Spirit.

Inumaki Cursed Speech
Inumaki Using Cursed Technique: Fandom

In all of the chapters we have read till now, he proves to be different from most. Mahito is the only one who can perform feats and repeat the same technique a Sorcerer can. There is also a speculation that Mahito was a human before, and changed into what he is now due to a cruel experiment.

Though this hasn’t been proved, we got a glimpse on his past while he was talking to Junpei. But, even though a character as Mahito faces something that is completely unexpected, we the readers were shocked by the sudden outcome.

Is Mahito The Most Powerful Cursed Spirit?

Sukuna will haunt me if I reply with an “Yes.” But, comparing to other curses, Yes, Mahito is stronger than most of them. When comparing him to his group, then Mahito is definitely weaker than both Jogo and Hanami.

But, yet, what makes him more effective is his unique technique. Unlike Jogo and Hanami, Mahito’s technique is more sophisticated and deadly. His technique directly attacks the soul.

On the other hand, Hanami and Jogo cannot do something as subtle as him. To simply explain the difference, Mahito’s Curse Technique is like an art, soft but effective. The other two doesn’t resort to such calculations and mostly uses brute force to counter their enemies.

Especially Jogo, whose technique mostly works on brute force.

Adding to this artistic side, Mahito is practical and more logical while taking any decision, but, other other two are emotional. It is this emotional rage that pushed Jogo to the brink of death when he faced Gojo.

Does Mahito Die?

In the Shibuya Incident Arc, after fighting for a long time, Mahito was cornered by Itadori and was helpless. To save himself he tried to run, but was greeted by Geto who offered to help him. What happened in return is that Geto ate him.

This incident may sound peculiar, but, the Geto we see in not the real one and just an impostor. The one who is inside Geto’s body collects Curses and uses them according to will (I won’t reveal the name as this would be too much for a Spoiler).

Jujutsu Kaisen Suguru Geto
Suguru Geto: Fandom

In short, Mahito was last seen when Geto engulfed him alive. Now, whether he is dead or alive is still a question. We must not forget that Mahito is a Cursed Spirit with one of the most unique abilities.

Hence, as of now even though Geto has engulfed him, we cannot blatantly say that Mahito is dead.

Why Did Geto Kill Mahito?

As said before, Geto is a collector of Curses, and is always in hunt of unique ones. Mahito’s techniques were unique enough for a person like Geto, hence we can understand the curiosity.

Other reason why Geto might have killed Mahito is because the state at which he appeared in front of Geto, he was already a beaten man. There was only two options in front of him, either run away, or get killed by Itadori.

Hence, these are the two most probable reason why Geto might have killed Mahito.

Can Mahito Be Resurrected?

This is a though question whether Mahito will revive or not. But, thinking about it deeply, Mahito’s technique lets him to directly interfere with his enemy’s soul. And since Geto has engulfed him, there might be a slight chance of his resurrection in Geto’s body.

If this happens, Itadori and the group may have to face an obstacle of completely different kind. It’s good that Itadori now has backup and is not fighting alone as before.

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