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Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 5 Release & Discussion

In 2018 an anime was released named “Teasing Master Takagi-san”. It was an instant hit for only one reason, the sweet representation of high-school days between a girl and a boy.

“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro,” follows almost the same route, where the girl is the “bully,” and Senpai is the poor individual who experiences uneasy situations. But, don’t get me wrong, here “bully” doesn’t mean the serious one, it’s just leg-pulling.

When the first trailer released, manga readers were extremely delighted to see their favorite series getting animated. And, they weren’t wrong when they said that it will be a great watch.

4 episodes in, and I, personally, is really enjoying how the chemistry between Nagatoro and Senpai is slowly building. Let’s see what other ways does Nagatoro discover to tease Senpai in Episode 5.

Episode 4 Recap

As the days past, it seems Senpai is attracting more people to tease him. It was Nagatoro who started to tease Senpai in episode 1, but fast-forward to episode 4, we see her friends have also jumped right in.

But, Nagatoro is damn straight of what she wants. When her friends tried to tease Senpai, she sort of accepted and rather jumped joined them, but when the teasing quickly transformed to humiliation, Nagatoro’s reaction was commendable.

Anyone, especially Senpai, who had never seen Nagatoro expressing such reaction will be surprised. Episode 4 was not only teasing, but there was also a subtle message hidden beneath.

You might have noticed that whenever we see Senpai, he is always alone, drawing some artwork in a room. The truth is he is in an art-club where he is the only member. The hidden message that we get in episode-4 is the value of appreciation.

When we appreciate someone for something, it really encourages them to work harder and perform better than before. Subconsciously, Senpai is also in search of such appreciation, and this becomes more relevant when he sees a guy who performs very well in baseball.

In between this subtle message, Nagatoro doesn’t shy away from teasing Senpai. But, today wasn’t her day. She tried to tease Senpai with buns, but it backfired in the end, and the whole situation ended-up being awkward.

But, unlike other episodes, episode 4 ended a little bin differently. Nagatoro sponsored herself as a model and challenged Senpai to draw her. In between those teasing, she slept and Senpai got a great chance to draw her portrait.

Though the art was unpolished, it made Nagatoro happy.

Release Date

“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” releases every Saturday. Episode 5 will release on May 8th at 9 AM (PDT).

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