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Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

We already knew that at some point, Asta would save Nacht, but, the way he saved him is not less like a Hero. Entering the scene at the exact right time is what makes Black Clover a must read series. Now, as we go forward to the upcoming chapters, there are many other revelations to be made..It’s only time when it happens. Many are asking question where is Magna and Zora. They went to train and have not yet entered the battlefield. I guess, it’s almost time they return. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers and other discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Magna & Zora

The only guys who were missing from the battlefield, Zora and Magna have finally returned. Again, Black Clover community proved that sometimes speculations do become reality.

At the end of chapter, we see a single scene of Magna and Zora entering the battlefield. Though it wasn’t clear whether they will help Asta or will join Luck’s group.

I have a strong feeling that both of them will join Asta, as the Devil he is fighting is on a completely different level. Also, the special power, “Freezing Sun,” also hints at “fire,” and we know who in the Black Bulls is an expert with fire.

Also, with them is Zora who can manipulate the highest ranking devils with his traps. Until now, the only weakness of Devil we have known is Anti-Magic, and hence, it’s only Asta who can defeat the Devils, or at least the highest ranking devils.

But, whether fire is also their weakness will be revealed after Magna reveals his techniques he gained during training with Zora.

Well, now that the “tantrum-maker” if back, we are sure to see some “explosive” revelations.


Name of the Chapter is “Freezing Sun.” The Chapter begins with Asta cutting one of the twins in half. After the attack, we see Naamah and Lilith combine into one Devil.

After fusing into one Devil, they go on to attack Asta. The fused devil uses a power called, “Freezing Sun.”

With two extremely powerful Devils becoming one, Nacht is almost going mad with the amount of power he is sensing. But, Asta cannot feel anything.

Asta can mitigate and survive the spell, but everyone else will die. In response to the attack, Asta unleashes a much bigger version of Black Divider and knocks back the Freezing Sun.

Chapter ends with Magna and Zora entering the battlefield. There is NO BREAK NEXT WEEK.

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