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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 145 Spoilers, Raw Scans

After the revelation that Okkotsu was secretly working for Gojo, it’s a relief that Itadori won’t have to die again. Now that the battle between Itadori and Okkotsu has settled, we see a strong team of sorcerer heading for Tengan’s room. But, the end of chapter 144 has thrown every reader into jeopardy. Is the character really Master Tengan? Does that mean that there is a Cursed Spirit/Alien working for the Sorcerers? If this is proved true, this would give the upcoming chapter and entirely different look. The latest chapter leaks are here. Let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 145 Spoilers and few Discussions.

Pre-Release Discussion

Is That Really Tengan?

When all the sorcerers were eagerly waiting to meet Tengan, we fans were too on the same boat. From the beginning of the series, we have heard about Master Tengan’s abilities, powerful enough to go anything.

Though this guy has no offensive power, when it comes to defense, the power is off the charts. It’s said that when Tengan sets a barrier, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to break into.

Now that the series is about to hit 150th chapter, we are all eager to see how this Master Tengan looks.

But, what got revealed at the end of chapter has caused an uproar among fans. Some are saying that this guy may not be Tengan, but only and illusion, as Tengan is expert in this. Others are saying that Tengan is always hidden from most people because he is actually a Cursed Spirit and doesn’t want his existence to be made public.

Speculations aside, the reality may be completely different when the chapter arrives on 11th April.

Maki’s Situation

Finally we get a look at Maki’s situation. When Okkotsu returned to Japan, we came to see Inumaki’s condition. In the image, we could that his left hand has been chopped off and it was not clear about his right hand. But, everyone had a question regarding Maki’s situation.

Maki and Nobara were to two characters who got the attention when they were hit. In Chapter 144, we finally see Maki’s situation. Though she is alive, her condition still partially fragile. Her face is completely burned, and now her hair is short.

Thanks to Maki’s hard physical training, she got out of the situation alive, on the other hand, Naobito couldn’t make it.

The one whose status is still in question is Nobara’s. After looking at Itadori’s reaction, fans are more stressed than ever. Hope she is fine and will get back to work.


Okay, Spoilers are out and the revelations made in previous chapter was entirely accurate about Tengan.

  • The alien looking guy is Tengan.
  • Tengan reveals that Kenjaku is the sorcerer behind Noritoshi Kamo and Geto.
  • Itadori asks Tengan why does he looks like that, and he replies, “If you’re alive for 500 years, you too would look like this.”
  • He goes on to explain that after failing to assimilate with the Star-Plasma Vessel 11 years ago, his aging rate accelerated.
  • Yuta asks that they have come to learn about the Prism Realm. Tengan agrees, but only under one condition. Among Yuta, Yuki and Choso, any two of them have to stay with Tengan and guard him.
  • Lot’s of talk about the past and how Kenjaku is not only a threat to Sorcerers, but entire world.
  • Choso and Yuki decide to stay with Tengan.
  • Tengan reveals a box that looks similar to the Prism Realm, and it’s called “The Back”? The reason it’s called by that name is because it’s a backdoor to the Prism Realm.
  • It’s not enough to penetrate into the Prism Realm with “The Back,” and only Kenjaku have access to it from the front door.
  • To manage an access, either “Inverted Spear of Heaven,” or “Black Rope,” is needed that Toji Fushiguro had. But, Gojo either sealed or destroyed the “Inverted Spear of Heaven” 11 years ago and previous year, he completely erased “Black Rope.”
  • Okkotsu reveals that he was in Africa with his friend Miguel search for the remnants of “Black Rope.” But, they they didn’t find anything.
  • Yuki asks Tengan whether there is another way, and he says that one Sorcerer from 1000 years ago is participating in the Culling Game who calls herself “The Angel.”
  • Her name is Kurusu Hana and her technique is to erase all techniques.

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