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10 One Piece Characters With No Haters

After having more than 1000 chapters, One Piece is not just you average manga anymore. It has become an emotion for most of use readers…And when so many fans love a series so much there must be several characters with no haters.

Hence, in this post I’ll list down 10 One Piece Characters With No Haters

Ready? Let’s GOOO…

(1) Luffy

Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and also the center of attraction of the series probably has no haters. The very basic reason might his simplicity towards everything and his intense dedication to become the next Pirate King.

One Piece Samurai Luffy

Even if he has few haters, nobody hates him for his personality. Most of the hate he receives is from people who don’t like his air-headed personality. If you ask me, I have no reason to hate Luffy but have more than enough reason to love him…

(2) Zoro

Zoro is unofficially the vice-captain of Luffy’s fleet. His personality is almost same as Luffy! But, he carries an intense aura which makes him one of the sexiest characters in the series too.

One Piece Zoro Takes Luffy's Pain

This is not just my words, but almost every One Piece reader accepts this. In almost every popularity poll, he ranks either 2nd or 3rd. Never less than that. Zoro also has no toxic personality trait like Nami. So, it’s a win-win.

(3) Laboon

I wonder whether you can recall Laboon? He is the cute whale who loved Brook’s music so much that he waited for years to meet him. I mean look at the image below, do you sense any negativity of him?

One Piece Laboon

Laboon is the “goodest” of boys in One Piece and deserves only love. Unfortunately, he is also a forgotten character and never appears in any popularity poll. I’m sure Laboon would rank pretty great if included in a popularity poll…

(4) Robin

Robin is the physical embodiment of how a gracious Lady should be. She has class and a motherly nature. She is soft-spoken and shows maturity almost in every instance. Compared to Nami Robin is WAY more desirable and loved. Of course the popularity poll shows different results, but you can understand why Nami ranks so high.

Nico Robin One Piece

An another thing is that Robin is an underutilized character and most of the time she uses the same ability against every enemy. Maybe Oda does this to preserve Nami’s reputation and save her from being overtaken by Robin… Do let me know what you think about this:

(5) Ace

Ace most probably inherited most of his personality from his dad and mom. Roger was the greatest Pirate in One Piece universe yet he had great humility towards everyone. Especially when it came to fulfilling his goals. Ace also had this characteristics.


He never thought of himself as someone great, but someone who could make as many ally as possible. All this mixture of personality trait makes Ace one of the most loved One Piece character. Almost everyone at One Piece fandom cried when Akainu killed him.

(6) Oden

A man who is intensely dedicated at his work is loved by all. And Oden was one of the best example of this. He sacrificed everything to see the world outside Wano. Even though his life ended in a horrid way, he had fulfilled his dream to see the world outside.

One Piece Oden Death

Oden surpassed everyone in popularity when flashback episodes started airing…In that short during of episodes, Oden would trend almost in every social media platform. Twitter, Reddit, Tik Tok, you name it. Men like Oden are born only once in several centuries.

(7) Roger

Roger, the greatest Pirate of all time had everything under his control. His life, his emotions, even his death. He is the man who doesn’t need any introduction. In fact hating him would be a direct humiliation to One Piece…

One Piece Roger

In his very short lifespan Roger achieved almost everything, and died a glorious death. We OP fans are always hungry to watch this man in action…Hate should not even be pronounced in front of him.

(8) Whitebeard

Whitebeard also comes into the same category as Roger. There are many theories that say that Whitebeard was powerful enough to become a Pirate King but he chose to form a family of Pirates instead. If that’s the case then how can you hate this man?

One Piece Whitebeard

Whitebeard was a Pirates, yes, but he was the most “humane” Pirate ever. Especially at the time when brutal and merciless Pirates like Xebec existed. It’s little embarrassing to say but I cried when Whitebeard died.

(9) Rayleigh

Slivers Rayleigh was the second-in-command of the Roger Pirates. In short you can that he was to Roger Pirates what Zoro is to Straw Hat Pirates. Rayleigh is mostly respected of his insane prowess and command over situation.

One Piece Rayleigh

He quickly rose to popularity when he decided to train Luffy after Marinford incident. Well, you can say that there’s no reason to hate this man. He is simply the diamond of One Piece and the only member known to have spent time with Roger.

(10) Bon Clay

Now this one is a surprise. Just as similar to Laboon, Bon Clay is also a forgotten character. His “brotherly” relation with Luffy was enjoyed by One Piece fandom.

Bon Clay One Piece
Bon Clay

The sad thing is that we don’t know whether he is alive, but OP readers and anime watchers quickly began loving Bon Clay for his massive sacrifice for Luffy. I guess the image above explains the intensely close relation between the two “brothers.”

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