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10+ Completely Forgotten Characters In One Piece. LIST

I wonder how many characters are there in One Piece? Well, of course, thousand. And when there are so many characters in a manga series some are ought to be forgotten.

In this post, I’ll talk about 10+ One Piece Characters Who Are Forgotten. Of course you might recall some of them in this list, but I’m sure you will have an “aha” moment after reading most of them.

(1) Laboon

Laboon, one of the cutest character in One Piece is also, unfortunately, a forgotten character. He has in intense desire to meet the humans who played those soulful music. That human is Brook.

One Piece Laboon

Brook wants to meet Laboon and vice-verse. So we cannot expect them to meet until One Piece ends.

(2) Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria might seem goofy, but he was once a Warlord of the Sea. Physical ability is not his forte but there are only a handful of people more intelligent than him. He is practically a genius! Add his genius intellect with the ability to extract soul from a body: Tragedy!

One Piece Gecko Moria
Gecko Moria

He didn’t appear many times after the Thriller Bark Arc and Marineford Arc. That means he falls into the category of “forgotten characters.” But mark my words: Gecko Moria will have a huge role in the final battle. Black Beard might end up either absorbing his powers or force him to join his crew.

(3) Shakky

When Rayleigh in one the screen why would you focus on someone else? Shakky is Rayleigh’s mate and appeared in the arc previous to the Fish-Man Island Arc. She didn’t have much dialogue so she didn’t attract a lot of attention.

Shakky One Piece

On top of that her past was also hidden in mystery until Chapter 1060. She is the former empress of Amazon Lily and also the Ex-Captain of the Kuja Pirates….Explaining her beauty and class…

(4) Wapol

It’s rare that bad guys are forgotten in a manga series. Surpsingly Wapol is one of the them. He was one of the worst leader in One Piece, but less cruel than Orochi of course. After getting defeated by Luffy, he ran away from the country.

One Piece Wapol

Later it was discovered that he was ruling under the Celestial Dragons. Wapol is a wimp, but irritatingly intelligent and cunning.

(5) Shyarly

Madam Shyarly is the fortune teller who was precisely correct in many event, a lot of them in fact. She played quite an important role in the Fish-Man Island Arc. But after the arc was over she never appeared in the story.

Madam Shyarly One Piece
Madam Shyarly

Not gonna lie, she rose to popularity during the Fish-Man Island Arc because of her intense vibe. Her mysterious nature is what attracted most fans, including me.

(6) Smoker

There are only a few Marines whom OP fans love to have on screen. Smoker is one of them. He is loved not only for his strong personality but also how intelligent he is (unlike Akainu). Unfortunately Oda has kept him grossly underutilized.

One Piece Smoker

Smoker is not completely forgotten but he appears in the chapters only once in few years (real years). I’m guessing he’ll play an important role in the final arc.

(7) Kaya

I’ll be absolutely honest! I really did forget Kaya. One Piece has been in serialization for more than 20 years now and she has appeared only maybe 2-3 times. When I started watching One Piece few years ago I thought she would play an important role in the story. How wrong was I!

Kaya One Piece

One Piece fandom ships Kaya with Usopp, and that’s pretty obvious. Yes, she never expressed any romantic interest in him but she respects him a lot. In short Usopp unconsciously inspired Kaya to chase her dreams.

(8) Koala

Though Koala is an important character in One Piece and the Revolutionary Army she hardly ever appears in the story. Most of the time she either appears for only a moment or with Sabo.

Koala One Piece

Hence, many a times when she is suddenly introduces in a chapter or episode fans recall the ship between Sabo and Koala. Do you support their ship?

(9) Bon Clay

Bon Clay’s “brotherly” relation with Luffy is as high as the sky. And you can see in the image below. Bon Clay sacrificed his freedom to save Luffy and his friends. What happened Bon Clay after that is still a mystery.

Bon Clay One Piece
Bon Clay

He was never shown neither discussed in the manga after that. I just hope he isn’t dead. Do you have any information about him? Please let me know.

(10) Kung-Fu Dugong

These dudes were the funniest ones. Especially when Kung-Fu Dugong clashed with Luffy and got defeated. Dugong was so inspired from Luffy that he decided to form “Animal Pirates” consisting not just Seals but other varieties of animals as well.

Kung-Fu Dugong One Piece
Kung-Fu Dugong

If I’m not mistaken, it has been many years since we have seen them. Wonder how are they doing with their newly formed Pirate Group…

(11) Chouchou

Chouchou’s is most probably inspired from the real-life dog “Hachiko.” No doubt Chouchou is the most forgotten character in One Piece. It’s sad especially since the impact he left within very few episodes was astonishing.

Chouchou One Piece

Well the good thing is that Chouchou’s dedication did pay off. Though his master died years ago he continued to perform his duty…I’m sure he is alive and still guarding his master’s library.

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