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Top 10 Sexiest Female Characters In Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has a quite a number of female character. But who is the most beautiful?

In this post, I’ll mention all the Waifu in Chainsaw Man.

Let’s GOOO…


Hottest & Sexiest Females In Chainsaw Man

(1) Makima

Makima is the physical embodiment of sexiness, hotness and beauty. Almost everything about her is beautiful. From her eyes to her body.

She tried to seduce Denji because she wanted to create the “Perfect World.”

Chainsaw Man Makima Eyes

We learn in the chapters ahead that Makima is in fact the Control Devil. Arguable the most powerful Devil in existence…Every character in the Chainsaw Man Universe likes and respects her. And of Denji too loved Makima.

(2) Quanxi (Former Devil Hunter)

When it comes to sheer hotness and sexiness, Quanxi has the “woman” vibe in her. Unfortunately she didn’t receive the same attention like Makima and others or else she could have easily won more hearts.

Chainsaw Man Quanxi

She is one of the best pro Devil Hunter and her killer looks makes her one of the most desirable woman in Chainsaw Man. Quanxi is the eldest among the list hence she also has the best woman-like vibe into her. She came to Japan to kill Denji, but failed.

(3) Reze (Bomb Devil)

Reze and Power fall into the same category. But the only difference between the two is that Reze is more mature and lady-like. Reze’s furious way of counter problems made her sexy.

Chainsaw Man Reze

She tried to kill denji. Though she failed, but in the end she really developed feelings for him.

(4) Himeno

Himeno is my personal favorite. She has all the qualities to be a Waifu. She is hell-beautiful, is a great fighter and is also a human…

Chainsaw Man Himeno

The eye-patch makes her look even more badass. The manga doesn’t have great art, but I’m sure she’ll look sexy in the anime…

(5) Power (Blood Devil)

No doubt, Power is one of the sexiest and hot female character in Chainsaw Man. Her bubbly and kid-like personality makes her insanely attractive and sexy.


You might be thinking why I pushed Power to the 5th position. I agree that Power is beautiful, but she lacks the same depth of “womanhood” that Makima, Quanxi and the other two have…Well, the entire CSM community simps over this Blood Devil.

(6) Kobeni (Devil Hunter)

Kobeni Higashiyama is Devil Hunter who is unarguably the luckiest person in whole series. She faced death-like situation countless times, but never died.

Kobeni’s shy attitude makes her insanely attractive and hot at times. She never wanted to become a Devil hunter and only became one because she wanted to support her family.

Chainsaw Man Kobeni

What hides behind her shy attitude is an experienced and agile Devil Hunter who can beat even an experienced person within minutes. Won’t you like a waifu like her?

(7) Pingtsi

Pingtsi is the most dominant girl in Quanxi’s harem. In fact she is the most “human” looking fiend in the manga. Her cute-like face makes her a beauty!

Pingtsi Chainsaw Man

What makes Pingtsi more unique than other Quanxi’s fiends is her supernatural powers. She can use her powers to look into other people’s devil contracts.

(8) Santa Claus

Well isn’t she a beautiful one? We got to see Santa Claus in her human form when she came to kill Denji. She is so beautiful that a number of men were attracted to her when she entered a restaurant.

Santa Claus Chainsaw Man
Santa Claus

If we don’t focus on what happened with her looks afterwards then she really is one of the most elegant looking female character in Chainsaw Man.

(9) Long

Long is worthy enough to be included in his list of hot female character. She is one of the harem-girls of Quanxi. And Quanxi personally likes all the girls who stay with her…

Long Chainsaw Man

Unfortunately, we never got to see her powers, but the red horn on the top of her head makes her quite attractive.

(10) Michiko Tendo (Devil Hunter)

Michiko Tendo was a Devil Hunter who appeared only for few episodes. Michiko has looks of an average woman but what made her attractive was her appearance. Especially her piercing eyes.

Michiko Tendo Chainsaw Man
Michiko Tendo

And I’m sure men do fall for women who have confidence and courage to lead. On top of her looks, the scar on her face made her even more attractive & sexy!

Other Female Characters Worth Mentioning

Of course the women in the above section are the most beautiful, but there are also some who are worth mentioning.

Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari had contract with the Snake Devil. We only saw her just once, that too at the beginning of the series.

Akane Sawatari Chainsaw Man
Akane Sawatari

I agree that she doesn’t have the same attractive looks as Power, Makima, etc, but many men do like women with tomboy attitude! And I think Akane Sawatari is the only one other than Power to achieve this status!


Well, this is a HUGE spoiler, but Nayuta is the reincarnated version of Makima(Control Devil).

Chainsaw Man Reincarnated Makima Nayuta

Though she is just a kid in Chainsaw Man Part 1, her physical appearance matches with Makima. Hence, I’m sure she’ll look really beautiful when she grows up.

Also, now the Chainsaw Man Part 2 is here, we might get to see a grown-up Nayuta!


In conclusion, Chainsaw Man manga has some really beautiful female characters. Female who are not only sexy & hot but also powerful…

And now that part 2 of the manga is here, we might see more new characters!!


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