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Read Black Clover Chapter 261 Release Date, Spoilers.

Black Clover Manga is currently going through one of the best and most impactful arcs of the whole series. It’s the Spade Kingdom arc that spent chills into the spines of the Black Bulls when they saw how Zenon single-handedly defeated magic knights of the Diamond Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 260 Review:

Dante | Source: Fandom

After a thorough fight, Dante is defeated by Asta and Yami. Dante lays on the ground unconscious. Yami is impressed by Asta and Compliments him about how good he was on the battlefield. The battle results in Asta to wear out and he collapses. Vanessa and Finral too are excited and congratulate them on their victory. 

On the other side as Gauche regains his consciousness he is greeted with a tight hug by Grey, who, after hugging Gauche instantly regrets. Yami then moves to subdue Dante to stop him from doing anything, though he is unconscious. And, Suddenly Zenon appears out of nowhere, and using his Bone Magic pierces Yami’s body seizing him to do anything. Yami, understand that he has done a mistake and there is nothing he could do anymore. 

Finral is devasted and wonders what to do but rather realizes that Zenon has got William too. Upon seeing this he recalls why the Dark Triad needs Captian Yami and William. It is to complete the Tree of Qliphoth. If you don’t remember what is Tree of Qliphoth? 

Previously while meeting Yami, Dante expresses how angry he was since a child and always wished to unleash devils from the Underworld to the Human Realm. And, it was only possible if a path of magic was created made of Dark Magic and World Tree Magic that was carried by Yami and William respectively. 

Zenon | Source: Fandom

Zenon lifts up the unconscious Dante and reprimands him for losing. He also tries to kill Asta but is saved by Finral’s Spatial Magic. But, Zenon is still recovering from Yuno’s attack and then opens a portal to take Dante, Yami and William with him. Everyone in the Black Bulls team tries to stop Zenon from leaving and attacks him one-by-one. Asta goes to the extent of trading anything in return of power but is denied by his devil siting that it’s his fault that He is Weak. Yami gives them a look that clearly indicates that they cannot do anything now. And hence, Zenon leaves.

This chapter was clearly one of the turning points of this arc. Kidnapping not one but two Captians of the Clover Kingdom seriously weakens the Kingdom’s power. That too they lost Dante who was defeated with such difficulty. We know for sure that the captains are not going to die and there are other captains who are immensely capable of fighting and defeating them. It will be exciting for sure to see what the other Captains have under their sleeves.

Black Clover Chapter 261:


The spoiler of Black Clover chapter 261 is out and it seems we will get introduced to a new interesting character.

 The chapter begins with Asta getting his right hand healed by the Grand Healer, but fails to heal him, maybe because it was affected by demon magic. Other Black Bulls are depressed because of their failure and they repent on how weak they were. Asta avoids his injuries and tries to go alone to save Yami but, is stopped by a mysterious figure. Upon asking the person it is revealed as the Vice-Captian of the Black Bulls.


With the ending of chapter 261, it is clear that the Vice-Captian will now not only train Asta but everyone at Black Bulls. On the other hand, the remaining Captains of the Clover Kingdom will make a plan to defeat the Spade Kingdom and bring back Yami and William safely. But, the real question remains! Can the Vice-Captain match the wittiness of Yami?

Chapter 261 Release Date:

Manga of Black Clover chapter 261 will release on Sunday, August 23. The name of the chapter will be Night Shadow. Good thing is, it not on a break.

Where can you read Black Clover Manga?

There are various ways to read Black Clover but, you can read latest chapters on Viz.

About Black Clover:

Penned and Illustrated by Yuki Tabata, Black clover started its serialization from 2015 in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. 

The whole story is centered on Asta who has a dream of becoming the Wizard King since his childhood. He competes with his Brother-like friend Yuno for the Wizard King position.

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