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Black Clover Episode 158 Release and Time, Watch Online.

Black Clover Anime is going through some interesting Fillers right now. As the war against the Spade Kingdom is looming, Knights of Clover and Heart Kingdom are training their bones out to mitigate the threat. Other reason why Black Clover Anime is airing Fillers episode lately because of lack of resources. But, it seems the Filler Arc has ended. Episode 157 marked the end of training and also Dante as introduced in previous Episode. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Episode 158 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 157 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, December 29. The name of the next Episode is “The Beginning of Hope & Despair”.

Episode 157 Discussion

Asta’s Past

As Asta’s training with Gaja has reached its conclusion, Gaja asks Asta about his past and how he got his Grimoire.

Asta then goes on the explain, and we got some nostalgic memories when Asta first got his Grimoire. By the name of the next Episode, we can say that the real stuff will now begin. All these harsh training against the Mages will bare its fruit when the War begins against the Spade Kingdom.

After Asta completes his narration, Gaja was impressed about how Asta rose above all odds and finally became what he wanted.

They both start their final training and Gaja underestimated Asta’s growth. When Asta unleashed his Devil’s Power, Gaja accepted Asta as a powerful and unique personality, and thought to himself that Asta is different than regular Knights.

Noelle’s Training

After Asta’s training is complete, the scene moves to Noelle’s training. She is seen training hard with Undine. After clearing every obstacle, Lolopechika appreciates Noelle too on her success and incredible growth.

All in all, Episode 156 had nothing in particular to show and you can think of this episode as the final “Good Days” of both Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom.

Asta’s Devil

Even though this episode was nothing spectacular, there was something special. Asta’s devil was seen enjoying how everything was unfolding.

Showing Asta’s devil before the beginning of Spade Kingdom Arc is a signal towards something big.

Well! we will learn everything when the right time approaches.

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