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Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Releases new PV

As the movie in on a record breaking streak, toppling one-by-one movie records, the official twitter account of Demon Slayer has revealed a new PV of Mugen Train celebrating the release in MX4D and 4DX.

Twitter Announcement

In the latest PV, we see Tanjiro spending his time with his family and, Rengoku having an intense battle against the Demon.

Fan Reaction

Fans are of course, excited. A mere 1 minute 20 second video is close to a Million views within 15 hours of its release. One thing to recall is that the movie is only airing in Japan Theaters and yet, the insane popularity. The response would be completely different if it was released Worldwide.

It’s because of the license limitations that great movie such as Mugen Train don’t get Worldwide recognition.

Animation Quality

When Demon Slayer was released in 2019, it got critical acclaim for its fluid animation style. The Studio behind Demon Slayer is Ufotable and, they are famous for Fate Series. The fluid animation is also the reason why Demon Slayer looks so good.

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