Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 Announced.

Games getting their own Anime and Manga adaptation are genre by themselves. Games like the Fate series have their own Anime series and thus have helped the game in popularity. But, it is not always that we get an Anime series on Horse Racing game. Fear not the Anime does have real horses. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is one such game that has got its own Anime and manga series.

the official website of Uma Musume Pretty Derby announced that the Anime was getting a Second Season. The First Season of the Anime got very positive response and it was already clear back in 2018 that there will surely be a Second Season. And we have the Second Season.

Release Date:

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 will Release in 2021. There is no official announcement of the month, but we suppose it will release in January or April. The first season release on April, 2018, so there is a chance that season 2 will also release on April.

Official Trailer:

The official website and Twitter revealed the Trailer of the upcoming second season:

Twitter Announcement:

Rerun of Season 1:

Before the release of the second season, the first season will rerun in Japan on Tokyo MX and BS11 channel. The rerun of first season will begin from October 4, 2020.


A chibi version of the series also streaming for 12 episode in 2020. The 3 minutes episode was short but sweet, where we could see all the characters of the original series in their chibi version.


As of now there is no official announcements of the staff of the second season. But, it would be safe to consider the return of the Staff from the First Season.

In the First Season Kei Oikawa directed the Anime under P.A Works. Chief Animation Director and Character Design was done by Yousuke Kabashima. Akihiro Ishihara of Cygames was the script writer of the First Season.

Series like these have there own comic and story that are better looked as a “Slice of Life” and “Sports” combined. The series though has a high competitive atmosphere we are always greeted with friendships and rivalry.

Where to Watch:

Before the release of Second Season, you can watch the First Season the get a grip on the actual story. Besides you can also watch the chibi version though it is just for fun and is not related to the actual story timeline.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 1:





Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a game create by Cygames and the Manga and Anime series is to push the popularity of the franchise. The game was to be release for iOS and Android in 2018 but got delayed. As of now the game is still not released and there is no official announcement of the release date.

The series is focused on Special Week, who wants to become the best Horse Racing Girl. The series revolves around Special Week and the daily challenges she meets and how she develops herself and becoming the best of all.

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