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Black Clover Chapter 266 Spoilers, Release Date.

After a terrific and hard-fought battle between the Dark Traid and Team Yami, all is not well in Clover Kingdom. In Fact almost nothing is well in the Clover and it may seem as if the Clover Kingdom had already lost the War.

But, there is always a light of hope even when the worst happens. In the previous chapter of Black Clover, we saw how powerful Vanica is. Even though Noelle unleashed her most powerful attack Vanica was unfazed and only a few drops of blood came out of her. With this let’s look into what could happen in Chapter 266 of Black Clover.

Release Date:

Black Clover Chapter 266 will officially release on Sunday, October 3. Black Clover manga is on a weekly break and the announcement was made in the twitter account of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Black Clover Chapter 265 RECAP:

Black Clover chapter 265 was short but sweet. We came to learn about the past and the possibilities of what the future has for us. In the beginning of the chapter we saw Noelle waking up in the land of the Elves. Elysia.

After waking up she is greeted with two kids who are the descendants of Tetia, who supposedly died in the attack done by the Demon 500 years ago.

Nero then recalled that she sealed the injuries of Tetia and while sealing she found out that Tetia had a second child in her who was lucky enough to survive the attack. Nero cries after learning that Tetia did not die.

Then Noelle requests the Elf to train her others for the final battle. Upon requesting the Elf suggests them that they are now going to learn “Ultimate Magic.”

That’s where the chapter ends.


As of yet there are not official release of Spoilers and since the official release is set for October 3, we can hope for spoilers to release about 2-3 before that.

But, even though we don’t have official release of the Spoilers we can make a rough prediction as to what can possibly happen in Black Clover Chapter 266.


Though the previous chapter of Black Clover was shorter compared to an average chapter, we can already sense that an all-out War against the Spade Kingdom is brewing.

To keep in short, even though Chapter 265 was short, we got a lot of knowledge of what is going to happen. The Ultimate Magic that the Elf suggested to teach them could be something that the Elves used during their raid into the Clover Kingdom.

There will be two teams:

(1) Team 1: We have Noelle and her team, who will battle against Vanica to bring back the Queen of Heart Kingdom Lolopechika.

(2) Team 2: We have Asta and his team, who will battle Zenon to bring back Yami and William before their motive is complete.

Noelle went all-out against Vanica and she was also able to injure her. Now that she will train under the Elves we can see an even more powerful Noelle.

In their previous threat while killing the demon Yuno and Asta fought together and yet they were not powerful enough to defeat the demon. It was the sudden and sneaky attack of Yami that weakened the Demon.

With that said, let’s see what happens and what we will learn when the Spoilers are out.

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There are various ways to read Black Clover but, you can read latest chapters on Viz.

About Black Clover:

Penned and Illustrated by Yuki Tabata, Black clover started its serialization from 2015 in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. 

The whole story is centered on Asta who has a dream of becoming the Wizard King since his childhood. He competes with his Brother-like friend Yuno for the Wizard King position.

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