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Will Gaja Survive? Can Rill’s Magic Save Him?

Black Clover manga is at its peak now. Fight against Megicula is intensifying with every chapter. The battle against Vanica has taken a completely different approach after Megicula revealed herself.

Hats-off to Tabata for writing such complex yet exciting script. If it wasn’t for Megicula’s appearance, the War would have ended long before, and if not, then we would be hovering somewhere close to the conclusion.

I wonder how intense the fight against Zenon is going to be. Noelle is definitely not as strong as Yuno, yet she has learned so much in this particular battle. On the other hand, Yuno is far stronger, sometimes even more than Asta. I can’t wait to learn what form will Yuno reveal and how will Zenon to it.

Black Clover Gaja

This I have said before, Zenon is the most mysterious among the three Dark Triads. We don’t have any knowledge about his Devil. Non of the Triads have even mentioned it before. He was also seen using multiple technique while the three went to capture their targets.

Coming back to the present scenario. The latest victim of this War is Gaja. Though he raised Death-flags before, but the way he risked his life for his Queen is pretty remarkable.

Now, the question is:
Is Gaja really Dead? Is there any way to cure him? Can Rill’s Twilight Valhalla technique permanently heal him? Or is it someone else?

The theories are endless, but, I will try to make this issue as clear and simple as possible. Of course you are welcome to comment if you find some other theories as well!


Gaja’s Ultimate Attack

A dedicated soldier can never see their King/Queen suffer. For them death is better option than seeing their leader in such situation. In Gaja’s case too, he has been seeing his Queen suffer due to a curse from Vanica. Though, why did Lolopechika specifically received this curse has been revealed after so many chapters.

The deep scar on his face has memories he never wants to recall. For any soldier, a scar is a symbol of “Greatness.” For anybody who sees a the scar, they will think that, “This soldier has a scar, hence he must be OP.” This has been proved in real-life too.

However, the entire situation against Vanica changed as soon as Megicula revealed herself. As if fighting Vanica wasn’t a pain enough. Everybody, especially Noelle who was fighting Vanica firsthand understood that this devil was a bad news and it must be defeated as quick as possible.

Black Clover Zagred

Many chapters skipped, and Megicula started using Lolopechika as her puppet. Gaja was determined to rescue his Queen from this humiliation. He tried everything he could and when nothing worked, he planned to use his ultimate attack against Megicula.

Now, it’s a rule of thumb in manga and anime that when a character announces that he will use “ultimate attack,” there is no deathflag bigger than that. And, in Gaja’s case too the same thing happened. He used his life-energies to launch an attack so powerful that even Megicula was shocked in the beginning.

His attack might have worked perfectly if it was an average demon army, or maybe even Zagrad, but the thing he tried to defeat is among the most powerful Devil in the Devil-Realm.

The end result was nothing, but, Gaja’s horribly burnt body falling on the floor, almost dead. I can smell “Guy Sensei” here when he used all his energies in “Night Guy.” He almost lost his life, but Naruto saved him. But, the situation is completely different here.

So, the question rises, “Can Gaja be saved anyhow?

Rill’s Technique

In this War, Rill has been playing a crucial role in fighting Megicula. He hasn’t fought Megicula directly like Noelle, but indirectly he has been unleashing quite a few useful techniques that defies magic.

The latest one among the countless is “Twilight Valhalla.” This technique can cure anyone in the vicinity, and makes them invincible to even death. Seems magic defying, but this magic can have grave consequences if not handled properly.

After activating the magic, though Rill says that his friends will become invincible, the backdrop of it is that after the effect subsides, the damages received returns immediately.

Black Clover Megicula
Vanica & Megicula

How dangerous is this magic? Let’s say someone is under Rill’s magic and they get stabbed multiple times. The Knight won’t feel any pain or their life won’t be in danger, but, as soon as Rill stops the technique, the Knight might immediately die of pain and damage.

Almost everyone in the group, Charlotte for example was able to cure Lolopechika’s curse after she regained strength. The other who stood up with full of life is Gaja. Yes, here is were the most interesting portion starts.

Now, it’s obvious that fans took a deep breath of relief after they found out that Gaja isn’t dead, but some curious readers have also started asking questions about how long will Gaja survive?

For now, nobody is sure whether Rill’s magic will permanently heal Gaja! But, going with Rill’s own words, as soon as he drops his magic, Gaja will surely die of the insane damage he has taken after attacking Megicula.

The positive side about Rill is that he is Goofy about what he says and does. He is the only one who gets threat signals from most Captains because of how air-headed he is. Maybe after taking off his the technique, we will see that nobody has reverted back to how they were before.

If this happens, other than Asta, Rill’s Twilight Valhalla will be the only magic that break limitations.

Can Gaja Survive?

In the last paragraph of the previous section, I wrote that if Rill reveals that his magic doesn’t revert back the damage, then Gaja will survive for sure. If this doesn’t happen, we have a cruel revelation waiting for us to happen.

Other than Rill’s magic only Charlotte can use her magic and maybe heal him. But, her magic can remove curse and not heal someone.

Who knows, maybe Charmy can use her magic and heal him? Charmy is also a hidden character in Black Clover and we have barely seen her serious form. If someone is out of Mana and needs some resupply, her “hidden technique” might fulfill it.

Black Clover Yami & Charlotte
Yami & Charlotte

And how can we forget Mimosa? She is the queen of healing. Her cousin, Noelle has unleashed so many high-level spells in such short amount of time. Hence, I won’t be surprised if Mimosa also unleashes something similar.

Though these are just theories, I won’t be surprised if it’s Mimosa who ultimately saves Gaja, and also heals everyone including Yami, William and Lolopechika.

What do you think may happen? For now, I don’t have anyone else in my mind who can save Gaja. If you have comment for sure.

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