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One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date, Time, Discussion

As a manga reader, it’s an absolute treat to watch these panels animated. Apart from Episode 1004 the anime as a whole is getting better animation as we proceed towards the real meat of the arc. The Red Scabbards are hell-bent(and they should be) on destroying the Best Pirates, particularly Kaido.

With their Sulong forms Inu and Neko are in their own league. I wasn’t surprised when Jack got a bit intimidated when Inu and Neko both attained their Sulong form. His animal instinct knew that he wasn’t going to win, and Kaido too, hence, he intervened to protect his subordinate.

Well, it seems we will finish 2021 with the Red Scabbards’ devastating attack on Kaido. But, I also have a feeling that the Straw Hats will make their appearance. As a manga reader I know quite well that 2022 is going to be one of the best year for One Piece and Anime overall. With this let’s look into One Piece Episode 1035 Release and some discussion.

Episode 1004 Discussion

You know what this entire episode was focused on, and probably the upcoming episode is also going to be the continuation of episode 1004. Episode began with Shinobu and Momo trying to escape from Yamato. It’s surely hard to accept Yamato as Oden. There are more than enough reasons why Shinobu won’t accept Yamato’s plea.

After this, major chunk of the episode covers the Red Scabbards and their struggles to defeat Kaido. While the Straw Hats are back into the castle battling the Beast Pirates and now that Queen has also unleashed his heinous secret weapon that turns anyone into ice demons they have a completely different mess to deal with.

It’ll be a dis-service to the episode to explain all of it in words, hence, I will only say that almost everything in this episode was perfect. Especially how Oden appeared at the end of the episode when the Red Scabbards landed Oden’s Two Sword Style on Kaido. And then he faded amongst the sakura leaves after the attack. That’s a 10/10 from my side.

The only complain I have, though they did great, is the quality of the animation in this particular episode. They could have tried a little harder. Or maybe i’m being a little more greedy. Next episode is going to interesting since it’ll be the last episode of this year.

What do you thing is going to happen? I’m sure Episode 1005 will continue from where episode 1004 ended.

Episode 1005 Release Date

As it is with every episode, One Piece Episode 1005 will release on Saturday, December 25th (PDT). Good thing is, unlike manga, the anime doesn’t take a break unless it’s an emergency! But, from what I heard the anime will go for a 2-week break after Episode 1005.

I can’t wait to see how injured is Kaido after this attack from the Red Scabbards. It’s hard to believe that these group of samurai were able to repeat the same attack technique of Oden. The best part? They hit the same spot where Oden did.

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