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My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Spoilers, Raw Scans

The grief was too hard for Deku to digest. It was almost evident that after Deku wakes up he would be traumatized after learning what happened to Heroes and the city. But, leaving UA altogether is a huge decision to make. Chapter 306 mostly centered on Deku and the Hero Society. Deku has revealed the secret behind his strength his classmates. But, he left Bakugo out of it because he knows he won’t let him leave so easily. With this, let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussion.

On the other hand, we also have a news about the series entering its final stages. This of course was sure after the all-out war between the Villains and the Heroes. But, rest assured, even if the series has entered its final stage, it does not mean the end is imminent. There is a high chance that the final arc will stretch at least one year.

Chapter Discussion

Deku Leaves UA

In a shocking revelation, Deku has left UA. The last panel of Chapter 306 showed the sadness in Deku’s eyes. Those are the eyes that says: “I’m responsible for all this.”

And after leaving UA, Deku has taken the solo route. Before leaving he has revealed the secret to his powers to everyone in class only leaving Bakugo.

The reason why he left Bakugo is because if Bakugo comes to know that his friend has taken such a decision, he would do everything under his power to stop him.

Let’s see how Chapter 307 unfolds.


Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter title is “Long Time No See.”
  • We see Shindo and Tatami trying to save civilians from villains. But the civilians don’t trust the Heroes now after what happened.
  • Shindo tried to convince them, but they won’t listen anyways.
  • After this, Tatami gets a call and is advised to escape from there asap because a Muscle Villain is approaching them fast.
  • They didn’t get time to escape and Muscular appears out of nowhere.
  • Shindo tries to fight him with his vibration power, but Muscular’s muscles are too thick to penetrate. Even Shindo’s most powerful attack doesn’t work.
  • As Muscle moved to finish off Shindo, Deku arrives and lands a punch of Muscle’s face.
  • Deku then carries Shindo in his arms and it seems like Muscular recognizes Deku’s voice.
  • Chapter ends with line: Vs Muscular One Again.”

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