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10 One Piece Characters Who Can Beat Kaido. Will Kaido Die?

Who can Beat Kaido in One Piece?

The Beast who is powerful enough to overturn an entire country withing days if not weeks is quite famous nowadays siting the upcoming battle against Luffy.

Even though he is insanely strong, One Piece world has fighters who are stronger than him.

In this post, I’ll point to those famous faces who can Beat Kaido and possible kill him…

Top 10 Character Who Can Beat Kaido:

#1 Roger

The Man himself. It’s safe to call him The GOD of One Piece series. Everything that is happening in the manga is his doing one way or other.

Every Pirate in the One Piece world wants a taste of the One Piece treasure that Roger and his crew found.

One Piece Roger

His full-power is still a mystery even after so many years, but some glimpse into the past is more than enough to gauge his prowess. Especially the time when Roger and Whitebeard met for the last time…

He defeated Big Mom and Kaido in an infamous battle. And, he would do it too if he was alive…

#2 Whitebeard

It’s said that the only one who could beat Roger was Whitebeard. But, unlike Roger he was not much interested in the One Piece, rather a family of pirates.

His enormous physical body was also a factor that gave him an advantage over other Pirates of all ages. I have read in some community forum that the strength between Roger and Whitebeard is disputed.

One Piece Whitebeard

Some say that Whitebeard was stronger than Roger, and some say that he was an equal but not at all weaker.

Unfortunately he never fought Kaido or Big Mom, but I’m confident that Kaido wouldn’t stand a chance if he fought a vibrant Whitebeard…

#3 Shanks

He has lately become one of the most mysterious Pirate in the One Piece world. He appears only when the situation is grim between the Marines and Pirates.

The last time he appeared when Akainu was about to fry Koby.

The reason why I called him mysterious is because of his present status. Almost nothing is known about his agenda, and how powerful he is… Heck, he doesn’t even have Devil Fruit power.

Keeping those aside, I’m sure he can beat Kaido if he goes all-out.

One Piece Shanks


Taking a simple example: Borsalino was scared when Benn Beckman warned him to use his powers.

And Benn is no way stronger than Shanks. Yes, it’s a vague calculation, but, we also should not forget that Shanks is a Yonko now, and not every Pirate crew can become Yonko…

#4 Big Mom

Big Mom is insanely powerful. And they also have some good chemistry together since they were in the same crew before.

On top of her insane powers, she gets a major boost when there’s food involved. And we saw what happened when she didn’t get her favorite cake.

What makes her even more powerful is not just her size and raw physical prowess. It’s more about her techniques.

One Piece Big Mom
Big Mom & Crew

In comparison to Kaido, she has way more mysterious techniques, like sucking life out of her opponent, manifesting magical companions.

Now, what will happen if she goes all-out against Kaido?

One thing is sure, the end result will be total destruction. And both of them will beat each other..

#5 Akainu

Arguably the most hated character in the series, Akainu’s Devil Fruit technique is frighting.

It’s not fire, it’s molten Lava.

The same lava was involved in killing Ace.

Compared to other Marines he has little to no mercy for Pirates, not even his own Marines.

One Piece Akainu

Now, when it comes to beating Kaido, Akainu really would have to squeeze every drop of his strength.

Regardless, I really want to look forward to these two going one-on-one.

With the help of other Marines, Akainu could be successful in bringing down Kaido.

#6 Mihawk

I was impressed by Mihawk’s raw strength when he fought Zoro using a tiny sword.

And Mihawk is the best to hurt Kaido sentiments.


Sword!! Kaido surely hates swords… It’s the only thing that brought him closest to his death.

One Piece Mihawk

Comparing Mihawk to Oden is not the topic here, so I won’t do it, but if Mihawk and Oden attacked Kaido at the same time, you clearly know the consequences..

I’m more than sure that Mihawk can beat Kaido, not just because he’s got a sword, but he has got more skill than Kaido…

#7 Oden

“How can this guy not come in the list?” I’m sure you’re already thinking…

As I said before, Oden is the one who almost killed Kaido. And mind you, he did it alone.

Oden vs Kaido One Piece

Yes, his retainers were there to help him, but Oden was the one who landed the fatal blow.

There’s nothing much to explain about this legend, only that a Samurai like him only takes birth once in 1000 years.

#8 Garp

In spite of his old age, Garp is strong enough to bring down even the most powerful Pirates. He is also strong enough to throw cannon balls with his bare hands.

It’s also said that Garp at his peak brought down many famous Pirates, including few from the Roger Pirates…

One Piece Garp
Young Garp

If I keep aside the “old man Garp,” then he can single-handedly beat Kaido.

Garp is pure brute-force, and so is Kaido, but, Garp is more experienced in handling people than Kaido can even handle himself.

#9 Dragon

If there’s someone more mysterious than Shanks, it’s Dragon..

Being the leader of the Revolutionary Army, he is feared by almost everyone, even the Marines.

One Piece Monkey D Dragon
Dragon Save Sabo

If I can recall correctly, I have only seen him using his power to save Luffy. Other than that, he’s just unavailable.

Dragon can beat Kaido by using his abilities that almost seems like Godly! And I’m not exaggerating.

#10 Luffy

He’s the man who’s running the mill to beat Kaido.

The Wano Arc in ongoing and till now Kaido have already defeated Luffy twice.

Hats off to Luffy that he didn’t die, thanks to the armor (plot armor).

One Piece
Luffy & Crew

But, I think it’s time Luffy unleashes a new attack or new Gear. And this the best time to do it since almost every effort has failed till now…

How long will it take is anybody’s guess. But, I’m sure the time is coming, and Zoro will be involved too…

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