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Redo Of Healer Episode 12 Release Date & Time

What a chaotic anime this is. The author of the series has gone real hard when to came to take revenge against someone. After the release of Redo of Healer, the series has regularly come under controversy regarding the portrayal of certain scenes. Some are even calling it an adult movie. But, on the other side, we must not forget that the era in which the series is set is “Medieval,” and back then there were no “Human Rights” or any “WatchDog.” Believe it or not, during the times of Feudalism, these things were a norm in a socially unjust Kingdom. Enough talk, let’s look into Redo of Healer Episode 12 Release Date, Time and some discussion.

Episode Discussion

Another Revenge Taken

Episode 10 ended with a “surprise” for Blade. She was thinking to taken advantage and harm the protagonist, but nothing went according to the plan.

While trying to break the protagonist’s privacy, Blade discovered that the girl was a He and not a She. This broke Blade’s heart. Taking this opportunity, Keyaruga made sure that the situations turn according to him, and that’s what happened.

But, the way Keyaruga took revenge against Blade is utterly brutal. The challenge she got was either satisfy three men who were brainwashed, or get eaten alive by them.

She endured till quite well in the beginning, but, when Keyaruga took on the form of Flare, Blade couldn’t handle it and had a mental breakdown. That’s when she was eaten alive and died.

Talking about the scenes in the Anime and comparing it with the Manga, the manga is more detailed in explaining the details. You can simply say, the Manga is more gory.

New Powerful Weapon

The special weapons Heroes use is only assigned to them personally and can only be removed if they die. In Blade’s situation, her special weapon was Ragnarok, which turned into a crystal ball after she died.

Keyaruga took the crystal ball and made it his own. What came as a result is a Sacred Armor named Georgius. The armor gives the protagonist to heal almost instantly after getting a hit.

But, in the manga it’s not a “super-cool” looking hand weapon, it’s just a ring. The ring gives the protagonist to use his powers more efficiently and of course let him be a Hero.

Release Date

Redo of Healer Episode 12 will release on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 07:30 (PDT). The preview of the next episode was not shown, but, as for Episode 11, Keyaruga has taken revenge against Blade and now he is ready to counter and taken Norn under his control.

Episode 12 will be the final episode of the season, and it’s still a question whether there will be any Season 2.

Watch Redo of Healer

The censored version of Redo of Healer is available on HiDive


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