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Black Clover Episode 166 Release Date & Time

The War has officially begun against the Spade Kingdom and after Episode 164 of Yami Vs Dante, we have a new Battle brewing against Vanica. Episode 164 showcased how powerful Yami has become after months of training. On top of that we also get to learn the sinister plan of the Dark Triads. Yami’s growth is something that we were always expecting, but, growth of such intensity is always welcome. Even Asta and others have trained quite hard to achieve this feat. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 166 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Episode Discussion

Noelle Vs Vanica

Okay, we never expected to see Noelle in such form. Even though she is far younger than Vanica, her magic is powerful enough to raise eyebrows.

Not only that, Mimosa has also grown a lot after their training. Even before Vanica could start her attack, Mimosa mortally injured Vanica’s puppet. But, since Vanica has immense magic supply from Megicula, she easily resurrected him.

After seeing how beautifully Noelle fought against Vanica and forced her to release her Devil Power, it’s sure that Noelle will the one to land the final hit on Vanica’s vanity. But, it’s very unlikely that Vanica will die here, since if she dies, then there won’t be enough room for Noelle to grow from here.

On the other hands, Zenon has already taken William, hence, it’s also almost sure that either Dante will get defeated and get captured, or Yami will also lose and in turn trigger the worst crisis Clover Kingdom has ever faced.

For sure, Noelle was the focus of Episode 165, but we should also not skip Lolopechika and her Wizard. Noelle’s battle power got a significant boost after Lolopechika intervened.

The next episode is named “Captain: Yami Sukehiro.” Hence, we will probably again see Yami fighting against Dante, and probably Asta will join him too.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 163 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, March 3. The name of the next Episode is “Captain: Yami Sukehiro.” After Yami Vs Dante, we have moved on to Noelle’s group where they will face Vanica’s wrath.

Black Clover is ending is very near and it seems it will finish with a bang. When do you think Black Clover will resume? My guess is that it will resume not before 2022.

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