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My Hero Academia 303 Spoilers & Raw Scans Leaked

After everything is clear about Dabi’s past, Shouto and other Heroes are ready to finally beat Dabi. Though Endeavor won’t be able to fight, this battle between brothers would be something is inevitable to happen. The only question is, When? With this, let’s look into My Hero Academia 303 Spoilers.


  • Chapter title is “Top 3.”
  • Best Jeanist and Hawks enter Endeavor’s room and apologize to everyone because they overheard their conversation. They also ask to include them in their fight against Dabi.
  • Rei kneels down and apologize to both Hawks and Best Jeanist for what Dabi has done to them.
  • Hawks reveals that he and Best Jeanist have been investigating Dabi on how he managed to survive.
  • Since Japan is suffering from lack of Heroes, requests have been send to another countries for co-operation, but the process has been delayed. We see a silhouette of hero Electoplant.
  • Fuyumi tells that people outside the hospital are asking about OFA. Endeavor and Hawks piece together what they know and realize that it has something to do with Deku.
  • Iida, Tsu and Uraraka are shown waiting outside Deku’s room.
  • Next panel we see Jirou talking to Iida. Jirou’s earjack is bandaged. Tokoyami, Kaminari and Jirou are free to cured and free to leave the Hospital.
  • We see Bakugo being carried away by his classmates. In the same panel, we see Best Jeanist and Hawks walking towards Deku’s room. Hawks sees Iida and Uraraka waiting by the door. All Might is not letting him talk to Deku.
  • Deku is unconscious, but he is glowing.
  • All Might says: “Right now, you’re talking with the predecessors.”
  • Chapter ends with line: “In his deepest sleep, he’s finally reunited with them!”

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