All For One (AFO) Face Reveal My Hero Academia
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My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers Leaked

There you are! Come one; it’s time for My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Spoilers.

The manga is slowly heading towards the peak of the War, and I know you don’t want to miss a thing…

So, I won’t take much of your time…Let’s dive INNN….

MHA Chapter 364 Spoiler

  • Chapter 364 title: “What Makes You Use Your Power”
  • Chapter begins with a flashback of the doctor explaining about the bullets Shigaraki stole from Hassaikai.
  • The bullets were made on a person’s quirk.
  • Endeavor has recovered completely and congratulates Endeavor for pushing to use his trump card.
  • Tokoyami quickly realizes that this has something to do with Eri. AFO seems to have stolen clothes of a Hero and quirk of another.
  • AFO says that his body will eventually disappear and using Rewind is the final step. He doesn’t seem to be bothered because Shigaraki is there to carry his dream further of killing as many Heroes as possible.
  • Next we move on to Washington D.C. General Aghpar is talking to the President about the opportunity to finally finish Shigaraki. Outside the President building we see protests with sign: “We Are All For One.”
  • The President also accepts that US is in danger from Shigaraki and the Quirk Research Center has said that he is practically invincible. And there are also high chances of political conflict.
  • General Aghpar tries to argue that Shigaraki won’t stop after he has taken freedom. After having a hot confrontation with the President, he shouts: “That Monster Cannot Exist In Our Future!”
  • Then he goes on to show the picture of kid Stars & Strips and asks the President whether he knows why she sacrificed herself? It’s just because of today’s youth.
  • In a panel we see All Might extending his hand towards Star & Stripes. And in return she also extend hers.
  • He ends by saying that this is the reason why Heroes use their powers.
  • Next we move to U.A. We see Edgeshot trying to use his powers to heal Bakugo’s chest.
  • He asks Miruko to hold Shigaraki even if she dies doing it.
  • Jeanist knows that Edgeshot won’t be able to come back…Edgeshot knows this too and yet he pushes Jeanist to move on…
  • Chapter ends with double spread were we finally see Edgeshot’s full face. He will now become Bakugo’s heart and readies himself to use his ultimate technique: supreme ninpou.

MHA Chapter 364 Discussion

I guess all the speculations went wrong. Bakugo’s condition is really fragile! And most of us fans thought that he was putting up and act to fool Shigaraki.

Edgeshot has finally revealed his face, but Alas! he might end-up spending his entire life-force to heal Bakugo’s Heart. But, the question is this: If Bakugo is physiologically dead, how will he come back even if Edgeshot uses his supreme technique?

And I strongly feel Deku will arrive within 10 Chapters. Because AFO will now become really serious. The worst that we thought have happened. I wonder what is his real quirk?

Hmmm…well, I hope nobody dies, because I can already smell Endeavor’s death-flag.

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