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Who Will Yuno End-Up With In Black Clover?

Who will Yuno end-up with? This is honestly a serious question! You and I already know who is Asta going to end-up with but what about Yuno?

So, in this post I’ll take about all the woman Yuno might end-up with. And whether he has any feeling for a particular woman…

(1) Charmy

Yuno x Charmy FTW. I’m not just the only who supports their ship. In fact these are heavily shipped whenever there’s a talk about Yuno and Charmy.

Yuno & Charmy Black Clover
Yuno & Charmy

Charmy behaves naturally with everyone and in every situation, but she immediately changes to a shy lady whenever Yuno is around. She thinks of him as the prince of her dream… The best part? It’s not just Charmy who behaves different, Yuno too is more calm and humble with her.

I’ll be so happy if these two end-up together. Their personality trait is also completely opposite. While Yuno is calm and a strict introvert, Charmy is an extreme extrovert.

(2) Mimosa

Yuno and Mimosa is always seen together only because they belong in the same squad. That’s it! They don’t have any romantic connection.

Mimosa Black Clover

Also, Mimosa having strong emotional feeling for Asta is also an obvious indication that Yuno x Mimosa will never happen.

I feel sad for Mimosa. She will not end-up with Asta, and not even Yuno…

(3) Someone In Spade Kingdom

This is the least that can happen. Yuno practically has no connection with the Spade Kingdom. And as you already know, he was taken to Clover Kingdom shortly after his birth.

so marrying an unknown woman in the Spade Kingdom is out of question. On top of that Yuno is also not the kind of person who will bow down to force. Even if it’s his mother.

(4) Doesn’t End-Up With Anyone

Well, I won’t be surprised if Yuno doesn’t end-up with anyone, or at least Tabata doesn’t reveal it. And the foremost reason behind this can be Yuno’s personality and how serious he is.

Not just that, now that he also has Spade Kingdom to handle, there stays very little chance for him to take a break!

Our only hope is if the manga takes a big time-skip of let’s say a decade. Then we might see Asta’s and Yuno’s kids playing together. As we see in most manga series…


So, in conclusion the only woman Yuno have the greatest chance to end-up with is Charmy.

Ask any BC fan and most of them will say that Yuno x Mimosa is not shipped pretty well. In fact Mimosa is more shipped with Asta…

Who Will Yuno End-Up With?

Yuno will probably end-up with Charmy. He might also end-up with Mimosa…

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