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Black Clover Chapter 293 Spoilers

Up until now, the Clover and Heart Kingdom are going very well, wiping out hordes of Devils. It seems their short-but-intense training are paying off. When Luck unleashed his ultimate technique, it not only wiped out low-level devils, but also some higher ones too.

And, Magna being his arch-rival, he could have never kept himself weak and dependent on anyone. And, we were spot-on. In the previous two chapters, we are seeing how powerful Magna has become.

If I’m not wrong, he is technically more stronger than Luck at present, since Luck was only about to counter Lower and Medium-class devils, but Magna here is fighting Dante. And, what’s best? He is showing some hard times to him.

Chapter 292 Recap

As expected, the chapter was entirely focused on Magna, and how he learned this new technique. One thing that was always in his mind was that he is a peasant, and peasants are naturally have weak magic capability.

But, as we all know, there is always more than one way to do things, and after spending some time with Zora, Magna has an epiphany. And, this epiphany has led him to create this new technique which is a mayhem for anyone who is caught into it.

After the initial chapter of learning and designing the technique, the scene changes to the present fight between Magna and Dante. If you don’t know what Magna’s technique does,
when unleashed, the technique divides the power share between the opponent and Magna.
In this case, it’s Dante.

We can say that after binding Dante with the chain, they both start a “boxing match.” Sometimes, Magna is winning, and sometimes Dante.

Wonder how long will Magna carry this on, and finally lose his power. Because if you remember, Dante can only be defeated by Anti-magic and Asta is the only one who has it. But, there are strong indication that the Spade Kingdom arc is heading to an end. I have a feeling we are almost halfway through it.

Tabata may be working overtime since the upcoming movie will cover the Spade Kingdom arc.


The Spoilers are out, and we have a pleasant surprise:

  • Fight continues between Magna and Dante.
  • Dante tries to break Magna’s concentration and courage by hurling insults that he is “weak,” and a “peasant.”
  • Magna accepts that he is weak and recall the time when he asked Yami about why he was brought into Black Bulls.
  • Yami says: “Because of you GRIT.”
  • Both Magna and Dante exchange blows, and after sometime Dante’s magical power runs out.
  • Dante tries to land a hit on Magna, but, Magna overpowers him and knocks him out.
  • Chapter ends with Magna celebrating his victory while Dante lays on the ground, and both Asta and Luck are seen shocked.

Black Clover will be on a break next week, hence, we will be getting any spoilers only few days before the official releases. But, if you’re too impatient and want to know each and every update regarding Chapter 293, then try reading what the communities are talking about.

Even though you may not know what’s going to happen in the next chapter, the speculations will keep you entertained.

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