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My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Spoilers Leaks

The “Mysterious Lady” became the center of attraction when she was revealed back in Chapter 297. Everywhere, from Twitter to Facebook to Reddit, wherever you saw any new update, it was related to this “Mysterious Lady.”

Now, finally after so many chapters, her name and past connection is revealed. Her name is Lady Nagant. Chapter 313 will continue her struggle to catch Deku.

Chapter 312 Recap

Cheer with me, “Lady Nagant.” This is not just me, most of the MHA community is going mad over her appearance and how OP she is.

If it wasn’t Deku’s new obtained powers, he would have been pinned down with only one bullet. Chapter 312 is titled: “Assassin,” explaining the whole situation in one-word.

The very reason why AFO wants Lady Nagant to capture Deku is because he and Shigaraki both are weak. On top of that, Hawks has also revealed that Garaki is in prison, so, there is no way, AFO can make any move.

Other than Lady Nagant’s revelation of past, there is not much interesting happening.

But, the question remains, “Why does Lady Nagant wants the Hero Society to fall?” I’m sensing pretty much the same reason like Stain.

Well, Chapter 313 felt more like a warm-up before the actual storm appears. With the ability to float in air, she can increase her hit-radius exponentially, even surpassing the previous record of 3Kms.


  • Chapter starts with All Might after he was attacked.
  • It seems two unknown villains have come to kill him.
  • They think that All Might is frail and can be killed easily, but they become terrified after All Might orders them to step aside.
  • He remembers the time he promised Deku’s mom to protect him at all cost even if it kills him.
  • Scene switches to the battle between Lady Nagant and Deku.
  • Deku is still trying to escape her, but even then he gets hit by a bullet.
  • He finds out that AFO had helped her to increase her power.
  • Deku’s unleashes smokescreen, and tries to wait for the right moment to take decision.
  • Lady Nagant is also ready to shoot as soon as she sees Deku.
  • But, much to her surprise, Deku decides not to run away, rather to attack and capture her.
  • Chapter ends with Deku catching her hand that have the gun.

My Hero Academia Chapter 313 will officially release on May 23rd. Hence, it’s too early for any Spoilers to arrive. We can expect spoilers to arrive 2-3 days before the official release.

Speculating the next chapter, it will be more like a continuous one. Nagant will still try to pursue Deku, but with more power with her Air-Walk quirk.

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