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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 150 Spoiler Leaks

What can we say after what happened in chapter 149? Should we be sad to see Mai move on? Or should we feel the goosebumps rising after seeing Maki’s new “avatar”?

But, we have to accept the fact that Ogi made a huge mistake underestimating these two sisters. He had to pay for his deeds.

The ending of Chapter 149 did not indicate anything. Whether Maki will regroup with Itadori and all, or go solo. Only Chapter 150 Spoilers will reveal everything.

Chapter 149 Recap

Do you think Mai was an important character? I personally feel she wasn’t.

The famous quote, “First Impression is the Last Impression,” holds no value for Mai. Her first appearance was riddled with insults and badmouthing Nobara.

But, that doesn’t mean if such character dies, we won’t feel even little bit of pain!

Chapter 149 started with Ogi Zenin, who acts like a Father, but a demon, trying to feed his own kids to the Curses only because they are “failure.” If this wasn’t enough, he also constantly blames Maki and Mai for his failure too.

What nonsense? Just because you couldn’t become the head of the clan, you will go so far to sacrifice your kids to the curses?

The situation was brim till now, surrounded by countless curses, Mai tries to check whether he older sister is alive. And as expected from a tough fighter, Maki is alive.

Since, both of them are twins, Mai connects with Maki mentally, and a brief chat happens. Mai says that since both of them are connected, it’s useless for her to train. And, hence, right here she will finish everything and die.

Maki tries to persuade her from taking such decision, but, Mai, at this stage is adamant. The mental movie ends with the kid version of Mai bidding goodbye to kid Maki.

The scene switches to the present scenario, and we see a large sword laying over Maki. Maki wakes up and tries to call Mai, but, it was too late.

On the other side, Ogi is slowly walking away from the spot, and he senses something that he wasn’t expecting.

Suddenly all the curses have disappeared, and a powerful force is coming at a tremendous speed. He senses Toji Fushiguro in Maki, and out of fear he unleashes his technique.

But, before he was complete, Maki slashes his head in half, leaving no room for him to counterattack.

The Chapter ends with Maki getting ready for her next move.

The new “avatar” she has got,, wonder if she can maintain it for a longer time. But, it’s official now that Maki has the same capacity as Toji Fushiguro, (the beast).


The Spoilers are out, and Maki is on fire on this Chapter too:

  • Maki is in rage and promises herself that she will kill everyone.
  • After finishing off her father, Maki goes after Jinichi. He tries to stop her, but dies in the end.
  • Chapter ends with Maki going against Naoya.
  • The week Lead Color Page is Maki & Mai running at the seashore and holding their hands.

Chapter 149 Spoilers just came out. Hence, we’ll have to wait few days before more spoilers come out.
Mai’s death has already caused waves in the JJK community. While some are saying that she wasn’t written well, some are saying that her death marked her complete character development.

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