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One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers, Raw Scans

The new Chapters of One Piece have turned towards the battle scenario of Sanji. It seems that Sanji is facing the worst enemy for his fighting type. Though Black Maria is a Spider, she’s a women, and Sanji being a chivalrous man can never even slightly injure a woman, let alone beat her to pulp. And, he has called Robin for help. Brook too has joined Robin to fight Black Maria. Chapter 1006 shifted towards Hyogoro and Chopper’s scenario. It seems that Chopper is taking quite a time making a medicine for Queen’s Virus. And, Hyogoro is in serious trouble. With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussion.


Marco Is OP

In the story where we saw Oden’s past and how he explored with White-Beard, we saw a young Marco. But, who knew that Marco will grow to become such a powerful character?

Let’s accept this, if Marco didn’t appear, the Straw-Hats and the Samurais would have already been lost many people, if not completely beaten. In Chapter 1006 we saw that Marco was fighting not only Queen, but also King single-handedly. Finally Perospero defeated Carrot, and then the also decided to join Queen and King.

Taking into account that Marco’s glasses didn’t fall off even after such rough battle says how elite Marco is. Jokes aside, now that Perospero has also joined them, this may prove to be a stressful situation for Marco. And, I think before anything bad happens to Marco, Jinbei wil join him.

This deadly duo will suite great when countering these three Massive Fighters.

Will Hyogoro Die?

The weak and fragile Hyogoro has transformed into a big and destructive Mob-Boss, like he was back in the days. But, the situation is pretty sensitive. It seems that Hyogoro has been infected with Queen’s Virus, that will soon turn him into an Ice-Demon.

If this happens, Wano would lose a crucial and iconic personality.

But, the chances are low, and, most probably, by that time Chopper would have made the antidote of Queen’s Virus. That’s how things turn out most of the time.

But, it’s Oda we are talking about, so, anything can happen. If I keep the possibilities in percentage, then there is 60% chance that Hyogoro will survive, 30% chances of him dying, and the rest 10% something that only Oda knows.

Well! whatever happens, I’m surely waiting for Chapter 1007 Spoilers to arrive.


Spoilers are out, and it seems we have a pleasant surprise:

  • Name of Chapter is “Mr. Racoon Dog (Tanuki San).
  • Hyogoro have defeated most of Mimawarigumi and the Oniwabanshu members, but, he is in really bad shape.
  • Queen says to his subordinates who are infected by virus:
    Pleasures, the trash that laugh because they failed the gamble tho gain their abilities.
    Waiters who won’t get Smile Fruits regardless of how long they have to wait.
    You feel better now, since you have become useful because of the virus.
  • Chopper made the antidote and saves Hyogoro before he dies.
  • Chopper has created a gaseous virus based on the antibodies and spreads it in the room with a cannon.
  • Queen tries to attack Chopper, but Pleasures defend him by becoming shield.
  • Chopper gulps a Rumble Ball and slaps Queen while Marco holds him.
  • While slapping Queen, Chopper says to him, “I’m not a raccoon dog!”
  • Yamato and Momonosuke is seen in the chapter.
  • Vegapunk studied Kaido in-depth while he was captured by the Navy, but he didn’t provide any result to the Government. The reason was “Research Failure.”
  • The character we saw mourning for the Red Scabbards is Oden.
  • The Red Scabbards are surprised after Oden’s appearance. Oden says: “I’m very old, I wanted to meet you guys.”
  • When he walks through the door, there is smoke on the ground and he has two swords. one While and other is Black.

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