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One Piece Episode 983 Release Date & Time

Okay, so the War has officially begun. Well, tell that to Luffy and Kid! LOL they are the ones who have done the Samurai job. Poor Kin’emon didn’t even know that Luffy and Kid had already landed on Onigashima and have destroyed a large group of Beast Pirates.

On the other hand, Law is busy handling Kin’emon and his group. Everything is ready, and plans have been made to launch a final battle against Kaido’s tyranny. I also have a strong feeling that Orochi will lose his life in the hands of the Red Scabbards.

We all are waiting for that to happen aren’t we? With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 983 Release Date & Time.

Episode 982 Recap

After watching few minutes of the episodes, one thing came to my mind. Did you notice the massive upgrade in the animation quality?
It’s nothing like episodes from the past. It’s not only top-notch, the detailing is a masterclass.

Especially the moment when Luffy launched his Red-Hawk attack on the Pirates. Heck, which part of the episode lacked great animation?

Nothing much happened in this episode to be precise. Kin’emon publicly declares his Samurais to be ready for a great War. Final War, to be more precise. Luffy’s enthusiasm has filled every Samurai with great hope about their win.

The ending of the episode also showcased one thing that I was waiting to see. Luffy has declare Momonosuke his Nakama, and, hence this has made him also a participant in the War. Defeating Kaido is the top priority not because Luffy wants to climb higher as a Pirate, but, to free Momo and return back his Kingdom.

And how can we forget Oden’s scene. To see Luffy and his crew match Oden’s footsteps with their Sake cup brought tears to my eyes. It literally felt as if Oden was watching everything unfold through Luffy.

I can’t wait for the next episode to release.

Release Date

One Piece new episodes are released every Saturday. Episode 983 will release on July 17, at 5:30 PM.
Kaido’s son got introduced in this episode. Though the character was wearing a mask, his strength is already visible. Breaking a large boulder with bare hands require strength not common even among the Beasts.

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