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Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun S02 Episode 14 Release Date & Time

How will a 14 year old kid behave if he is betrayed by their own parents? Naggy? Angry? Sad? Depressed? Run Away from home? Maybe.

But, Suzuki Iruma is not of such kind. After being sold to the Great Demon Sullivan by his parents, Iruma-kun starts his new journey as the only human living in a Demon-administered world.

But, thankfully only a handful of trusted people have found out about Iruma-kun’s real identity. What happens if someone finds out? Hence, starts the chaotic and fun-filled life of Suzuki Iruma.

We have already reached half of the Second Season. In comparison to Season 1, the new season has much more adventure. And, believe me, for all of us, the best part was when Iruma transformed into “Evil Iruma.” The subtle romance between Ameri and Iruma adds a pinch of sweetness in this messy yet lovely anime.

Episode 13 Recap

It’s time for a break for all the devils. And, quite similar to Humans, Devils need break too or else they will go “Ultra-Evil,” the beginning of the episodes showed the same thing. In our Humans lives too, when we are overworked, our personalities change. The only difference is that we don’t change our physical appearance like the Devils.

Coming back to the topic, Iruma is too excited to explore Walter Park with his friends, and why won’t he be? In the Human Realm, he never got any chance, most of his life went to do jobs his parents ordered him to do.

The surprising thing is that even Kalego allowed them to visit Walter Park, but he had his priorities right. The group to enjoy the least will get their homework doubled. LOL, the best teacher anyone can have.

Well, even in this enjoyment, we have learned something. Nobody questions how does something so big like Walter Park functions? Yes, the source of energy are the Devil trapped beneath the Park. These are Devils too dangerous to be released outside.

You can feel it too right? The upcoming mayhem? Yes, I can too! The Devils are planning to break out of the Prison and bring literal Hell. Will they succeed? It’s only a matter of question.

Release Date

Latest episodes of Iruma Kun releases every Saturday. Episode 14 will release on July 17 at 1:35 AM(PDT) as scheduled. Good thing is now that the pandemic has calmed down a bit, anime and manga are releasing without any hick-ups.

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