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Black Clover Chapter 334 Spoilers Leaked

Okay, so Black Clove Chapter 334 Spoilers are finally leaked. The Raw Scans are also available, but I’m waiting for the clearer ones!!

The situation is going haywire. After a long gap of 1 year, 3 months, the so-called Wizard King has made a sudden appearance, but he is not the Wizard King!

I won’t take even a minuscule amount of your time…Let’s directly dive into the latest SPOILERS!!

BC Chapter 334 Spoilers

  • Chapter 334 title: Fragile Souls
  • Lucius Zogratis reveals his Magic. Lucius has Soul Magic
  • Lucius goes on to humiliate Asta by saying that he doesn’t care about Anti-Magic.
  • He also doesn’t consider Asta as “true Human” as he is magicless.
  • Lucius Holds Sister Lily hostage, and after that he goes on to explain his powers to Asta.
  • Lucius corrupts Sister Lily’s soul?
  • Chapter ends with Lucius slashing Asta’s chest, and bids him goodbye.

Chapter 334 Post-Discussion

The community is terrifyingly accurate at some times! Few days ago while searching for BC spoilers, I stumbled upon a user who speculated that Lucius was going to either target Yami or Sister Lily.

And here we are. I don’t know whether that speculation was just a fluke, but we already got a hint of something like this happening! Asta’s final proposal to Sister Lily was the so-called “Redflag” for things to turn worse!

Finally Lucius have also revealed his magic attribute! He has Soul Magic, which seems quite unique and also dangerous. Now things are getting more clearer how he bypassed Julius and took over his body. On top of that now that Lucius also has access to Astaroth’s Time Magic, I wonder what’s going to happen.

Well, whatever it is, Black Clove creator, Yuki Tabata is on FIRE right now…

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