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Black Clover: 10 Interesting Facts About Yuno

Black basically has two protagonist – Asta and Yuno. Since we have previously covered 10 interesting facts about Asta, it’s time for you to learn about Yuno too!

I’m tried to make this list as unique as possible.

Let’s GOOO…

(1) Yuno Has Two Grimoire

I have said this repeatedly – Yuno is the luckiest character in Black Clover. Damn, he has the 4-leaf Grimoire which is in itself extremely rare. On top of that he not only has the Wind Spirit beside him, but also a Grimoire from the Spade Kingdom.

Yuno Two Grimoire Black Clover
Yuno’s Two Grimoire

In my view, this is the most interesting fact about Yuno…Maybe as interesting as having a 5-leaf Grimoire.

(2) Yuno Is The Real Successor Of Spade Kingdom

The Spade Kingdom arc revealed a LOT of secrets. We finally learned about Asta’s mom and how he got the 5-lead Grimoire. And also how the Three Dark Triads destroyed Yuno’s family and took control of the Spade Kingdom!

Yuno With His Parents Black Clover
Yuno With His Parents

Now that Spade Kingdom war is finished, everybody knows that Yuno is a noble. His mom also asked him to return back to the Spade Kingdom, but he has postponed it for the future! This paves a clear path for Asta to become the future Wizard King and Yuno the successor of Spade Kingdom…

(3) The Only Person Alive To Have 4-Leaf Grimoire

Yuno is the only person alive to have a 4-leaf Grimoire. Before him the 1st Wizard King had one. Having a 4-leaf Grimoire signifies astonishing luck that not everyone has. Having a 4-leaf Grimoire makes his Wind Magic even more powerful!

Yuno 4-Leaf Grimoire
4-Leaf Grimoire

This unique Grimoire is also responsible for his massive success as a Magic Knight. He is not even an adult yet and has earned the title of Grand Magic Knight. I don’t have anything else to say beyond this!

(4) Yuno Is Powerful Enough To Beat A Magic Knight Captain

The fight between Rill and Yuno was one of the most exciting battle in Black Clover. Rill is the youngest Magic Knights Captain in history and he went into full offence against Yuno.

Yuno vs Rill Black Clover
Yuno vs Rill

The result? Yuno surpassed Rill’s magical prowess and finally pinned him down! Yuno defeating Rill is not a simple event in the series! Rill is insanely powerful and has unique magical attribute. Yuno beating him shows that he is capable to beating a Captain.

(5) The Youngest One To Unleash Mana Zone

Thanks to his rapid learning ability, Yuno has mastered Mana Zone at such an early age. He uses Wind Magic, which is considered as one of the most powerful and unpredictable.

Yuno Mana Zone Black Clover
Mana Zone

He extensively used Mana Zone while fighting Zenon. Or else there was no chance he could have defeated him! I wonder whether Asta will ever master Mana Zone?

(6) He Might Have Subtle Emotions For Charmy

You already know Charmy considers Yuno her prince. Now, this might be just a fluke, but Yuno behaves a bit different in front of Charmy. He is cold in nature in front of everyone, but softens in front of Charmy.

Yuno & Charmy
Yuno & Charmy

I ship them, and a major portion of Black Clover community also ship them fiercely! While Yuno is an extreme introvert, Charmy is an extrovert. They look cute together. Not gonna lie!

(7) Reincarnation Of Licht’s Child

It’s later revealed in the manga that Yuno is Licht’s reincarnated child. The child who could never make it to the outer world. Also since Licht’s wife had Wind Magic, that also confirms the theory even more.

Yuno (Spirit of Zephyr) Black Clover
Yuno’s Wind Magic

The reincarnation has made Yuno a one-of-a-kind person in Black Clover Universe! having two insanely powerful Girmoire is the most unique thing in the story.

(8) He Considers Asta As His Support

He seldom reveals his true feelings and thoughts, but deep inside he considers Asta has his biggest support. In fact Yuno was a timid boy as a child and it was Asta who broke his timidity!

Asta vs Yuno Black Clover
Asta vs Yuno

Even when Yuno has become a Grand Knight, he considers Asta has biggest Rival. You can say that Yuno has grown to a great Knight because of Asta.

(9) Yuno Is More Matured For His Age

Yuno is the polar opposite of Asta. He is matured, speaks less and takes decision after thinking deeply! In short Yuno is an introvert! He always maintains a powerful and intimidating atmosphere around him that makes him even more powerful and dominating!

Yuno Black Clover

We might never know why is he so matured for a young boy. Maybe it’s because of past life connections and also his genes. Just for the information – Yuno is the incarnation of Licht’s unborn child.

(10) He Can Become The Youngest Magic Knight Captain

Considering how experienced and powerful he has become after Spade Kingdom arc, I won’t be surprised if Yuno became Golden Dawn Captain. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening as he might shift to Spade Kingdom.

Yuno Youngest Magic Knights Captain
Yuno Is Golden Dawn Vice-Captain

On top of that, he is already the Vice-Captain of Golden Dawn at such young age! And as of writing this, Chapter 332 has revealed that he has become a “Grand Magic Knight.” Which in itself is a great achievement.

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