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My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Wake up!! It’s time for My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

The War has begun between the Heroes & Villains. With this, we have entered the final portion of the manga.

What’s going to happen after this is anybody’s guess.

But, let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Spoilers, Raw Scan (if available).

Chapter 346 Predictions

Within just one chapter of the War, the opponents are set. Dabi is of course targeting Shouto and Endeavor.

On the other hand, the one to fear is Toga. After taking Twice’s powers, what techniques she carries is everyone’s guess…

Because if she can make clone of herself just like Twice, the Heroes are heading in for trouble…Especially Deku.

My Hero Academia Deku Head Bang
Deku Excited

Toga has always targeted Ochako and Deku for some reason, and now that these two are again in front of her, the battle is going to be intense.

AFO has entered the War too, and Hawks’ have already attacked him. But, as expected, nothing happened.

I’m afraid that AFO or Shigaraki will target All Might and try to kill him. And God forbid if this happens, who knows how will Deku respond.

Aoyama is scared to his core. He fears AFO too much, but, I’m sure he’ll show bravery in the coming chapters…


  • Chapter 346 title: “A Super Hyper Stupidity Broke Stage.”
  • Chapter begins with Bakugo, Nejire, Tamaki, Mirko and Edgeshot coming out of the portal. Jeanist is surprised to not find Deku and asks where he is.
  • To which Bakugo replies that he might be pulled out by someone…
  • Tamaki too starts to panic because OFA was the basis of plan.
  • Nejire says they need to inform everyone and Mirko just wants the battle to start soon.
  • Shigaraki’s eyes are completely white and he analyzes the situation…
  • He soon realizes that they are on a surface floating in the sky.
  • He touches the ground and begins to use his technique. But, underneath there are iron-plates.
  • At the same instant the iron plates throws him upwards and he gets electrocuted.
  • Before he can recover from the shock, Jeanist pins him down with huge wires.
  • Soon he tears the wires and notices that the iron plates are crumbling which gives him an idea about the whole mechanism.
  • Shigaraki tries to provoke Jeanist by saying that he just has to destroy it repeatedly, and that’ll the end. But, immediately we see the destroyed floor gets replaced by new plates…
  • Jeanist says that this fortress is created especially to beat Shigaraki.
  • Power Loader comes out of a wall warning Cementoss of the plates that were destroyed.
  • Hatsume asks Momo to provide metal parts.
  • Jeanist says that they are fully aware of Shigaraki’s power based on previous war. And that Hatsume herself suggested the idea of this arena to neutralize him.
  • The we see a flashback of her coming up with it and how this whole idea was incorporated.
  • The electric force field was made from huge cable of energy coming out of a single platform. We see Kaminari, Fukidashi and two other students from other school years releasing as much energy they can….
  • Jeanist’s continues and says that no one there cares about money or prestige. They rather want to protect the future.
  • Then we see Bakugo and Mirko heading towards Shigaraki and he thinks about deflecting with the shockwave quirk, but is unable to use it.
  • Monoma is nearby, sitting in a chair next to Aizawa while copying his erasure.
  • Manual is with them using his water to prevent Monoma from blinking. As long as they are together, Monoma’s time limit can be recharged as many times as they need…
  • The problem is that now it was time for Midoriya to use all his strength to finish off Shigaraki, but he isn’t there. And that’s when another issue arises.
  • Countless hands start appearing from Shigaraki’s arm.
  • Mirko asks Bakugo what is this, and he replies that he doesn’t know.
  • Aizawa then remembers that Shigaraki was incomplete during the battle of Jaku.
  • Chapter ends with Shigaraki saying that he always that Eraserhead was cool, but now he’s disappointed with his role in the plan.
  • Shigaraki sends those hands towards Mirko. Although decay quirk isn’t working, we can see blood coming out of her…

MHA spoilers appear pretty timely. Every time.

And I’m sure this time too Chapter 346 Spoilers and Raw Scans will release on time.

I’m impatient (just like you). Hence, I’ll update this section as soon as something if up…

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