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Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Asta, Yuno, Nacht and Yami have assembled. Now, it’s our turn to assemble for Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Lately every chapter in the manga has been a complete 10/10. With Yami joining the battle, and Asta gaining his strength, it’s nothing but excitement…

Let’s not stop, and look into Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers, Raw Scan (if available).

Chapter 325 Predictions

There’s only one thing that can happen in Chapter 325. An all-out battle against Lucifero.

Other than that, I don’t see anything more important…

The best fighters have already joined the battle together…

Yami, Asta, Yuno and Nacht….That pretty much sums-up Lucifero’s upcoming challenges.

I won’t be surprised if Noelle and others arrive in the scene too since it’s being quite a time…

Black Clover Lucifero

Keeping all these events aside… I’m still interested in the other Devil. That dude hasn’t done anything till now, only observed the entire situation…

With the 4-man team joining to fight lucifero, I can feel the other Knights’ opponent.

Ending this prediction…I have one more question about the aftermath of this War!

What happens when Lucifero dies? He is the strongest in the Demon realm…and when the strongest die…does that mean the Demon realm is done for?

Or something like, all demons die if the leader dies? If that’s the case, then Asta will lose Liebe.

Well, that’s all from my side…

What are the predictions you have for Black Clover Chapter 325?

I’ll be happy to know!!


Guys, the Spoilers have started appearing…

  • Chapter 325 starts with Lucifero unleashing an ominous aura. Nacht is shocked to see Lucifero.
  • Next we see Yami, Yuno, Nacht and Asta are getting ready to attack Lucifero…
  • Asta unleashes his Devil form.
  • Asta attacks Lucifero, but misses?
  • Lucifero tries to land on Asta, but Yami stops it. But, he gets over whelmed soon.
  • Then we see Yuno coming from back and tries to attack with an orb-like thing.
  • Even this doesn’t work.
  • In the next panel we see Lucifero landing a strong hit and breaking Asta’s leg.
  • Chapter ends with Lucifero cancelling Yuno’s ability.

After releasing back-to-back chapters, the mangaka has decided to take a break.

Honestly, he deserves one. Black Clover is on fire even more ever since Lucifero has appeared in his real form. On top of that Yami has come back too…

I’m extremely excited for Chapter 325 Spoilers to appear…So stay tuned!!

Raw Scans

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