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One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers, Raw Scans

It’s time for One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

Other than being excited for Chapter 1043 spoilers, there is one thing you should be more excited about!


We are getting back-to-back One Piece Spoilers, NOICE

What’s the wait for then? Let’s dive into One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers, Raw Scans (If available).

Chapter 1043 Predictions

One word is enough to explain Chapter 1042. “FIRE”

Luffy has finally unleashed a new attack to bring down Kaido…And I was already expecting this to happen.

Props to Oda that he is cleverly balancing this long-stretched battle with such precision. Not a single moment is boring.

When there’s battle, there’s nothing else to interrupt. Unless, there’s the cursed CP0.

I personally hate these guys…And the ending sure gives a hint that Kaido doesn’t have good relation with them…I guess previous chapters have gave a rough idea about Kaido’s past and his cruel experience!

But for a split-second I felt bad for Kaido…Dude doesn’t even get to fight with the strongest ones with interruption! 20 years ago it was Oden, and today it’s Luffy…

One Piece Yamato Hits Ulti
Yamato Hits Ulti

Guess the popular saying: “History Repeats,” has been proved true in Kaido case…

Well, now what will happen in the upcoming chapter is anybody’s guess..

My first guess is: Kaido will try to kill the CP0 member. And maybe, just maybe the CP0 member will take Kaido down!

Now, whether the “taking down” thing will happen is anybody’s guess, but I’m sure Kaido will burst in rage.

What will happen to Luffy? I’m afraid he’ll have to rest for now. This will become his second loss against Kaido. And, if he goes against him for the 3rd time, things will be way more serious than the other two battles…

That’s all from my side…

What do you think will happen?

For me, I’m sure Kaido will attack the CP0 member…

Until then!!

OP Chapter 1043 Spoilers

The Spoilers are out!

  • Chapter 1043 title: “Let’s Die Together.”
  • After what happened in previous chapter ending, Kaido is declared Winner.
  • The CP0 dude gets ravaged.
  • Next we see Momo talks with Zunisha.
  • We see Kaido coming down the roof, ready to face and beat any opponent.
  • After Kaido stomped on the CP0 member, his survival is not confirmed…

One Piece Chapter 1042 just released officially. Hence, we’ll have to wait at least few days before the next spoilers arrive!

If you’re that impatient, then you can read predictions on various community forums.

I’ll update this page with the Spoilers as soon as I get anything !!

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