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Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Get ready for Black Clover Chapter 326 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

Lucifero is simply wrecking the hell out of anyone who tries to stop him…

Have you noticed one thing? Yami is only using one hand? Concerning thing!!

Now that Asta’s leg is broken, I wonder how he’ll continue?

Well, we’ll get all answers in Black Clover 326 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

Chapter 326 Predictions

For now, Lucifero is on a wreck-run! That’s how I would like to describe the entire scenario!

He hasn’t received a single scratch after becoming serious!

On top of that he also broke Asta’s leg.

But, did you notice one thing? Where are the other Captains? Are they too busy within themselves?

Because the other Devil is still not doing anything. Nobody has yet attacked him, neither he has attacked anyone!

Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed

I’m calling it! This mysterious Devil will come step-up his game when Lucifero is in trouble!

Here is an interesting prediction I read:

Many fans are speculating that the Angels will comes. The ones who are well suited to battle Devils like Lucifero! An interesting speculation I would say, but again, “Speculation.”

If you ask me, then I have a feeling that the Wizard King will enter the battlefield one last time. Being the most powerful Wizard in the Clover Kingdom, he must have some hidden OP technique.

Other than that, it’s hard to predict what the upcoming chapters will reveal to us!!

BC Chapter 326 Spoilers

Okay guys, the Spoilers are finally out, and there’s something interesting…

  • Chapter 326 title: “Brothers.”
  • Chapter begins with a narration: “Yuno about to fall, an attack to defeat Lucifero? Right or Left? Which on will you choose?”
  • Yuno is not moving and is almost unconscious.
  • But, he manages to teleport Nacht and Yami to either side of Lucifero right before passing out.
  • both of them use a new spell, “Doppel Ganger.”
  • Yami and Nacht get a shadow cloaked variant of the Misteltein Katana…but it doesn’t work.
  • Lucifero seemingly grown another pair of arms.
  • Lucifero lands fatal blows on both of them and then both of them are knocked out!
  • Lucifero then proceeds to kill Asta.
  • Right before Lucifero is about to hit him, Asta teleport inside Liebe’s soul.
  • Inside we see Liebe is blaming himself for Licita’s death and is sad!
  • Asta observes everything that happened with Liebe and Licita..
  • After he sees everything, both of them get up and goes against Lucifero.
  • Asta uses half body devil union and blocks Lucifero’s attack..
  • Chapter ends with the narrator saying: “Brothers’ ties, signs of a counter-attack.”

Black Clover 325 Spoilers just got released. Hence, we’ll have to wait few days before the latest Spoilers start to arrive!

Good thing is, the manga isn’t on a break, and we might get colored page…

I’ll update this page as soon as the Spoilers are available!!

Stay Tuned!!

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