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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 148 Spoilers, Raw Scans

After the pain that we all experienced in Chapter 147, it’s hard to imagine what will the new generation do after they learn about this incident, especially Gojo. The higher-ups whom Gojo was talking about has really done something that will sour the relationship between sorcerers.

Let’s just hope for some better news in Chapter 148 and no more needless executions.

Chapter 147 Recap

Chapter 147 is named “Even Pandas,” and after reading the chapter, it’s hard for any genuine fan of Jujutsu Kaisen to stop their tears. Especially when Panda learned that his father was no more and the reason behind his execution.

Chapter starts with Yaga and his one of puppets in a what looks like a forest protected by Tengan’s barrier. Yaga’s way of talking to the cursed puppet was more than enough for anyone to understand that his time has come.

But, it wasn’t just some unknown sorcerer who was tasked to execute him, it was Principal Gakugenji and one another unnamed sorcerer, more like an assassin.

But, if this shock wasn’t enough for us, the way Panda responded really broke our hearts. He behaved more human than a human would have responded to such situation. Rather than just throwing a tantrum that his father is dead in front of his eyes, he understood the fact that it was the higher-ups who ordered this.

In this situation, even Gakugenji was surprised to see how a cursed puppet responded. I just hope that after this incident Panda’s personality doesn’t change and he stays the way he is, loving, caring and on top of everything, a sorcerer.


It’s time and Spoilers have started leaking. As of now, we haven’t got all the Spoilers though.

  • The Chapter is mostly focused on the internal problems within Zen’in Clan.
  • The Zen’in’s want to kill Megumi under the excuse that he is trying to free Gojo.
  • Ogi Zen’in suggests killing his own daughters Maki and Mai and blame it on Megumi.
  • Naoya & Jin’ichi are the ones talking something ill.
  • Naoya wants to become Zen’in clan’s head and Jin’ichi cannot accept the fact that Fushiguro inherits all of Zen’in’s assests.
  • Jin’ichi says that they need to kill Maki and Mai to earn Ogi’s trust.
  • Ogi curses Maki and Mai for his failure to become Head of the Clan. According to him, both of his children are failures.
  • For some reason Ogi cries.
  • Maki was banned from entering the warehouse, but was eventually allowed because of the head Megumi (Don’t know what this means), and also because the right to use weapons is the lifeline for a sorcerer.
  • Ogi was hiding in the warehouse waiting. Mai makes an appearance, and it seems she is already beat.
  • Ogi cuts Maki, but she is not fatally injured.
  • Mai’s is not dead. She’s is well enough to say why she’s here before hitting the floor.
  • Maki’s mother appears as a storekeeper. Nothing much is revealed about her. Maybe we’ll learn in the future chapters.

Due to Golden Week in Japan, almost every manga is on a break. Hence, Chapter 148 Spoilers will only arrive when the time comes. The official chapter will release on May 16th. Hence, we can expect any updates on Spoilers between 13-14th May.

Until then, you follow speculations on different forums and the fact that Yaga is dead and how will the new generation react to this. While doing some research, I stumbled upon some fan-made story about how Gojo will respond to this situation, and believe me, I had goosebumps.

Some new Speculation are getting revealed here and there. Most probably these are just fan made and doesn’t sync with the actual leaks. Some of the speculations suggest that Gojo may come out from the Prison Realm as an Old Man. I don’t know how accurate is this, but if this happens, we will lose the charming and witty Gojo forever.

The other speculation I read on a forum says that Panda will probably now go rouge against the higher-ups after they ordered to kill Yaga. Though he won’t do anything to Gakugenji, his only target is the highers-ups who are pulling the strings.

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