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Full Dive Episode 7 Release Date & Discusssion

What’s worse than having a life full of failures? It’s life full of humiliation! Unfortunately Hiroshi has to face both of these no only in his real life, but also in the game he is playing nowadays.

Though, he calls the game “A S*i*ty Game,” he has no option but to play it as his pride is at stake. Until now nothing felt right, but things are changing slowly as our player has got himself clear from the messy situation he has gotten into. Well, with this, let’s look into Episode 7 Release Date & some Discussion.

Episode 6 Recap

Alicia continues her quest to find and take revenge from Hiro. But Mizarisa has suddenly made her appeared and saved Hiro. When Mizarisa was introduced in the beginning, we thought that she might be one of the most powerful character.

But, it seems an NPC can have more capability than a human. While fighting against Mizarisa, Alicia not only countered Mizarisa’s attack, she also landed some heavy hits.

While Hiro and Reona stood there waiting for the match to end as soon as possible, We fans were more intrigued to see what role will Reona play in this fight. And, yes she tries to help Hiro, but her effort went into vain as Alicia could sense her presence.

Hiro, in the brink of death, started recalling things he learned after visiting the website made by the guy who completed the game. Here I was thinking that Hiro will now, at least for once, act like a real “Hero,” but what did he do the stop Alicia? Grab her b**bs? Sigh.

But, finally Hiro understood the situation and expressed his feelings (though fake). After that Alicia dropped her killing intent and just ran away. Though in the beginning she couldn’t make herself to believe that what Hiro was talking was true, in the end she believed.

Lastly Hiro realized that, for him it’s just a game but, for Martin and Alicia it’s real. Hiro only knew Martin and Alicia since the time he started playing this game, but for them, they have been seeing Hiro since their childhood.

What Martin really wanted was a humble apology. After Hiro saw the moment when both Martin and Hiro promised to be best friends, his soul departed. Though, the ending was a bit sad, it’s a lot better that what Ginji experiences daily.

And, let’s hope that as Hiro develops his character and becomes more mature, Reona, too has the same effect. Reona’s personality is funny sometimes, but quickly gets irritating when she fails to make out of the situation, and just speaks gibberish.

Release Date

Full Dive releases every Wednesdays. Episode 7 will release on May 19, 06:30.
Episode 6 ended with the town getting attacked by unknown forces. Episode 7 is named “Chance of Survival: 0.1%.”

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