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15 Black Clover Hot Male Characters

Who is the Most Beautiful and Hottest Male Character in Black Clover? Is it Yuno? Or Asta? How about Yami?

In this post, I’ll mention 15 of the Sexiest Male Character in Black Clover Manga…


(15) Zenon Zogratis

This dude, Zenon Zogratis has a LOT of swag! If I’m not wrong, he is the least talkative guy in Black Clover. His entire motto is action rather than just blabber like elder brother Dante. This also helps him concentrate in battle.

Zenon Black Clover
Zenon Zogratis

Moving on: I did not include Zenon because he is good-looking. The only thing he has is “swag” and unshakable courage and confidence! Perfect for an attractive Man.

(14) Morgen Faust

Morgen Faust was Nacht Faust’s younger brother who died during a demon ritual. From what we have learned from few panels, he was jolly Human Being who made almost everyone his friend. Better yet, he was the polar opposite of his elder brother Nacht.

Morgen Faust Black Clover
Morgen Faust

I’m damn sure, if Morgen was alive today, most women would love him because of his kindness and humility. He was also a Light Magic user so he great potential in future…

(13) Kiato

You might have forgotten this dude, but he is a priest of the Seabed Temple. He wants to become the best dancer in the world. A dedicate man is always attractive despite what he does! A true fact…

Kiato Black Clover

There’s very little I can talk about him as he seldom appears after the Seabed Temple Arc. Handsome indeed!

(12) Gaja

More than just good-looking, Gaja is an absolute CHAD. He is the only dude in this list to have a scar on his face. Not to be too scientific, but scars are sexy on men. It gives them an edge over others…

Black Clover Gaja

On top of that, he is also a great fighter, having Light Magic under his command.

(11) Klaus Lunettes

Klaus has great similarity to “Sakamoto,” from “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.” Haven’t heard about the Anime? Just watch it already… Coming back, Klaus always tries to maintain a strict character as a typical “senpai” in front of Yuno, but most of the time he is discovered.

Klaus & Sakamoto Black Clover
Klaus Lunettes Black Clover

Though Klaus makes very less appearance in the story, wearing glasses and having a serious face gives him the “the drip.”

(10) Finral Roulacase

Finral has some serious “woman issues.” He is a womanizer at large! But, deep inside he respects and loves Finesse Calmreich…the grand-niece of the present King of Clover Kingdom.

Finral Black Clover
Finral Roulacase

Being a womanizer kept aside, Finral’s manliness and beauty increase greatly when he is serious…

(9) Rill Boismortier

Rill Boimortier is a dreamy guy. He is already in love with Charmy but doesn’t know who was the woman he saw. Moreover he is also a genius and the youngest Captain in Clover Kingdom. So, rest assured, he is insanely talented.

Rill Boismortier

Rill is a Noble but different from everyone. So, maybe, just maybe if he gets dressed well and does his hair, we will discover a gem inside that goofy look.

(8) Asta

Our boy Asta is not too shabby. He immature personality is his only drawback. Other than that he is fine. And lately, after training even harder than before he is also all jacked. Asta attracts woman like flies to candle.

Black Clover Asta Devil

What’s you view on him? Do you think he deserves a higher ranking? Or worse?

(7) Mars

Unlike most male characters in this list, Mars is from Diamond Kingdom. In spite of various form of physical and mental torture Mars has retained his fierce and serious looks. The stones on his forehead pushes his sexiness higher.

Mars Black Clover
Mars Black Clover

Adding to his physical attributes, Mars is also good at heart (after getting good beating) which is a major aspect most woman looks for…

(6) Gauche Adlai

If you can eliminate Gauche’s “sis-con” moments, this dude is quite good-looking! In fact I would say he is way good looking than many other male characters in Black Clover. Messy hair does suite him isn’t it?

Gauche Black Clover
Gauche Adlai

I hope he was a little more powerful than he is now. That would just add more glow to him.

(5) Leopold Vermillion

Loepold Vermillion considers Asta as his biggest rival. He uses most of his wakeful time in practice. And you might also know this that women do like men who world hard.

Leopold Vermillion Black Clover
Leopold Vermillion

Other than having a fierce personality just like his elder siblings, Leopold also inherits the class of a Noble. He also doesn’t look down upon someone if they are peasant…

(4) Yami Sukehiro

Of course, how can I forget Yami Sukehiro? Frankly speaking though, Yami is not particularly good looking but has the drip! He is the most badass among all the Captains in Clover Kingdom.

Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

And his Dark Magic adds to his sexiness…No wonder why Charlotte always simps over him!

(3) Fuegoleon Vermillion

The Vermillons are known for their fierce personality. Fuegoleon is one of them! For someone who is not just good looking but also has powerful personality, women would line-up to marry him.

Fuegoleon Vermillion Black Clover
Fuegoleon Vermillion

What’s you view on him? Do you thing he deserves this high ranking?

(2) Yuno Grinberryall

If there’s one person who should be good looking is Yuno. It’s not just that his parents were Nobles, but also that both his dad and mom are quite attractive.

Yuno Black Clover
Yuno Grinberryall

Unlike Asta, Yuno projects more maturity that he might have inherited from his dad. I’m sure he will become even more attractive and matured as he grows up in future.

(1) Nozel Silva

I know, I know Nozel has a funny hairstyle, but doesn’t he look quite good? The silver hair makes him every more attractive. He has also the most important thing any male need. Personality!

Black Clover Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva

Nozel doesn’t talk without reason and only does things that’s important. He always carries a commanding attitude around him. But here’s a funny fact! Nozel is a closet tsundere. He also cares about Noelle at lot, but never expresses it!

Conclusion & FAQ

You might argue that Nozel isn’t that good looking to deserve the top spot, but you must accept this: Nozel has “class.” Of course he isn’t like Yami who is carefree, but Nozel has probably inherited his good looks from his mom.

Who Is The Hottest Male Character In Black Clover?

Yami is the Hottest Male Character in Black Clover.

Who Is The Most Beautiful Male Character In Black Clover?

Nozel Silva is the Most Beautiful Male Character in Black Clover.

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