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My Hero Academia Chapter 306 Spoilers, Raw Scans

As the conversation between the previous holders of AFO draws to close, we get a sure revelation that Grantorino is alive. But, two previous generation of AFO are still not willing to help Deku. Among all the previous generation holders, Nana was the center of attention. She has extreme guilt over her decisions to leave her family and fight OFA. The previous chapter ended with a hint that Deku will now return to his consciousness. With this, let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 306 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussion.

Chapter Discussion

Will Deku Wake Up Now?

The end of Chapter 305 revealed the title of next chapter. “Revolution of Hero Society, At That Time What Deku and Friends Will Do?”

In the end scenes of Chapter 305, we saw how Nana was crying because of her bad decision of leaving her family and devoting her life to fight OFA. Most the chapter was covered in conversation between the previous holders of AFO and Deku, though his mouth was nonexistent.

Now, the question is when will Deku wake up from this sleep? There is high chance that Deku will wake up in the upcoming chapter, as he has already completed the meeting. But, here is the dilemma he has. Should he kill Shigaraki or befriend him and let him live?

Most of us will suggest to kill him and get over with it. But, I think till his last breath, Deku will try to save him. But any chance if Shigaraki is saved, he will be locked forever in Tartarus, the same place where OFA was kept.

Let’s see, what the upcoming chapters has for us.


The Spoilers are out and we have an unexpected surprise from Deku:

  • Chapter title is: “Opening of Final Chapter
  • Deku wakes up and is discharged from hospital.
  • Deku leaves U.A. Academy.
  • He leaves a letter for each of his friends, in which he has revealed that he got OFA from All Might to defeat AFO.
  • On the other hand, All Might meets with Hawks and Best Jeanist to tell them all about OFA
  • Hawks, Best Jeanist and Endeavor hold a press conference to tell everything that occurred in the past.
  • They revealed every information, but Endeavor did not comment on OFA in order to protect Deku.
  • Many Hero Courses are being shut down all over the country in wake of the War that happened.
  • The chapter ends with Deku looking out over the city with a bag on his shoulders. He looks sad, to then says, “A Huge Villian.”

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