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Can Asta and Liebe defeat Nacht? Can they defeat Lucifero?

Black Clover manga is at its most serious arc after Yami and William were taken for sacrificial purpose. All the knights of Heart and Clover Kingdom are training hard to makes themselves strong enough to defeat the Triads and take back their Captain. As of now the manga is covering Asta’s training sessions with Nacht and his struggle to control his devil.

But, the question is Can Asta defeat Nacht? If Yes! then How? Let’s look into these theories.

Can Asta & be defeat Nacht?

Since many Chapter in Black Clover Manga, we are seeing that Asta is struggling to keep up with Nacht’s power. We must also not forget that it is Nacht who helped Asta to control his devil and not Yami.

Yes! Asta has his devil under control, but now what? The next step is to test their strength and their ability to handle real-life battle situations. As of now we are seeing that even when Asta and Liebe are fighting together against Nacht’s devil form, they are beaten to pulp.

Astas Devil
Asta & Liebe

Time is running out and the Devil we are talking about is Lucifero. If Asta is struggling against Nacht’s devil, they how will they defeat Lucifero who is the “Strongest Devil in Existence?

Hence, this is the best moment when Yami’s Signature quote comes in: “Surpass You Limits”. Asta also did the same. In the latest Manga leaks of Black Clover, we see something that we have been waiting for quite a long time. Asta Combines with Liebe.

Asta & Liebe Combine to Awaken new Form!

After Nacht reminded Asta and Liebe that if they can’t combine then they are better dead than alive, both of them think about why they are fighting their hearts out.

Liebe is fighting for his Mother, and Asta is fighting for his Captain. This is when the chapter ends with Nacht visibly surprised after Asta’s eyes changes its shape into more Devil-like.

There could be various theories surrounding this transformation. Now, let’s look into what could be the new form that Asta will take into after he merges with Liebe.

Astaroth Theory

If you have some idea about Demons, then you must have heard about a famous Devil called “Astaroth”. Sound familiar? “Astaroth? Well of course you may frown, that the Devil’s name is “Liebe” and not “Roth”, but, Black Clover is a fantasy manga and not a real life story. Hence, it’s entirely upon Tabata about how he wants to name the characters.

Who is Astaroth?

After digging a bit, I found out that Astaroth is the “Great Duke of Hell” and in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer (not Lucifero). Astaroth is also a part of the evil trinity, hence making him one of the most powerful Devils.

Now, if Tabata follows this theory, then Damn! Liebe will be a match in power with Lucifero, maybe even surpass him. But, since Tabata is quite clever in surprising readers with something that nobody would have ever imagined, we must wait and not jump out of our seat yet.

Before Liebe was officially introduced, countless rumors flew focusing on who is Liebe? Some said Liebe was Asta’s Father, some said Liebe was actually Asta and when he died, Asta was born. But, now we know the truth.

Relation between Astaroth and Lucifero

As I mentioned above, Astaroth is the “Great Duke of Hell” and is placed in the same position with Lucifer (Not Lucifero) in terms of strength.

Black Clover Lucifero
Lucifero : Fandom

When we talk about the Devils in Black Clover, most Knights make their Devils work after a binding ritual. There is logically no friendly relationship between the Devil and the Conjurer (Knight). But, Asta and Liebe’s relationship is different, Asta and Liebe are Foster Brothers. Asta did not perform any Binding Ritual to control Liebe, rather he chose to become friends and cooperate with each other.

This was surprising even for Nacht, who, usually shows little to no expression towards anything.

Hence, when we compare Liebe and Lucifero and how they are treated individually, then obviously Liebe stands on the top.

Another crucial aspect to recall while comparing their Magical Powers, it that, Lucifero is a grown up Devil and Liebe is only few years older than Asta. Hence, there is age difference also in play.

Is Liebe Lucifero’s Kid?

Here is a theory that came into my mind, though I accept that this may be far too different and unexpected. Is there any possibility that Liebe is Lucifero’s Kid?

 Though we don’t know whether Devils are born in the same process as humans, but, if not how are they thriving? Liebe was a kid when Licita met him. Hence, with this we can be sure that Devil do reproduce.

But, what makes Devils different than Humans is the way they treat the weak (though, unfortunately, some Humans are not less). In the Devil realm, the weak is tormented and abused and the strong is worshipped and feared (As we see with Lucifero, Megicula, etc).

Maybe, Liebe is Lucifero’s kid and since he got not magic, he was ousted and banished from his home.

On one occasion when Jagred was about to die, he saw Asta’s Devil and with their conversation many things become clear, Jagred knew Liebe. Hence, there could be two theory to support this reaction.

Black Clover Zagred
Zagred : Fandom
  • Liebe was famous enough in the devil realm that almost every Devil knew him.
  • Even Jagred abused and tormented Liebe when he was in the Demon Realm.

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