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One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers, Raw Scans

While Luffy is still unconscious, his nakama are holding the ground. Everybody is waiting for Luffy to return to the battlefield. But, it’s still unclear who saved Luffy.

On the other hand, Otama has played her trump card which we all were waiting to see. She has instructed all the beasts who have ate her dango to obey her order.

From the very beginning when Otama entered the battlefield, we readers were sure that she will be the one to change the entire scenario. And, now that it has happened even the CP0 agents are surprised.

They couldn’t make out the situation about why suddenly a major of soldiers shifted their position. Well, whatever it is, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers.

Chapter 1017 Recap

The chapter is divided into few sections, and the one leading the focus is Otama.

After Usopp understood that Otama’s power can be used to announce the entire battlefield, he missed no opportunity.

What happened after that is history. A major chunk of pirates shifted their side from being an enemy to being allay.

Queen on the other hand was furious after discovering this, and tried to unleash an attack. He was just about to attack when Sanji came and landed a tight hit.

Hence, match started between Sanji and Queen in his new form.

The scene then switches to Chopper’s present state. It seems over-usage of Rumble Ball has its own negative effects. His size has shrunk from a large beast to a measly chibi. You can call him “Chibi Chopper.” He and other Minks are trying to cure Zoro.

The final part of the chapter is the most interesting one. Jinbei and a rogue member of CP9 after fighting bitterly. Jinbei accepts him as a worthy opponent after seeing that he can use many powers.

But, what the rogue member of CP9 revealed was astonishing. He revealed that listening the name “Straw Hats” irks him and he remembers what happened 12 years ago. He reveals that the Devil Fruit Luffy ate was a stolen fruit that the Government had and was carrying with them.

Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1017 will release after a day. And, then we will know whether it’s a break or not. About Chapter 1018 Spoilers, we usually get One Piece latest Spoilers 3-4 days before the official release.


The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 1018 title is: “Jinbe vs Who’s Who.”
  • Kaido’s subordinate targets Otama after what she has done.
  • The Gifters are protecting her.
  • Nami and Otama escapes on Speed’s back. Usopp is also following them.
  • Nami confirms to Zeus that they are now companions, and Zeus is very happy.
  • CP0 are analyzing the battle as things have changed after Otama’s intervention. They mention Who’s Who while talking.
  • Next portion of the Chapter contains battle between Jinbe and Who’s Who.
  • Who’s Who is pissed at Shnaks for stealing the Devil Fruit.
  • Who’s Who is also angry at Luffy for wearing Shanks’ hat.
  • Next we see Who’s Who talking about a story he heard about the legendary warrior “Sun God.”
  • “The God of the Sun” is not Fisher Tiger because they have their personal name.
  • That story helped Who’s Who survive his days in prison.
  • The guard who told Who’s Who the story suddenly disappeared. Who’s Who took this opportunity and escaped.
  • Who’s Who asks Jinbe if he knows anything about this story.
  • Chapter ends with Jinbe using a new attack.

One Piece Chapter 1017 has just released, hence, it will take some time for Chapter 1018 Spoilers to leak. Though Chapter 1017 ended with one of the biggest hangover, I don’t think the secret behind Luffy’s Devil Fruits will be revealed just yet.

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