Who Is Ego Jinpachi in Blue Lock
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Who Is Ego Jinpachi In Blue Lock? Is He Former Football Champion?

Today I’m going to talk about Ego Jinpachi; the mastermind behind the infamous Blue Lock project.

Who is Ego Jinpachi? What’s his motive?
He is the most mysterious character in Blue Lock and hence, there are countless speculations about him…

So, today this is what we are going to discuss and try to make a conclusion…

Let’s GOOO…


Who Is Jinpachi?

As I briefly mentioned before, Ego Jinpachi is the mastermind behind project Blue Lock. Now, the mangaka hasn’t revealed why he named this project Blue Lock, but it is one of the most dreaded selection procedure.

Ego’s one and only aim is to make the BEST national football team Japan has ever seen. And to achieve that, he can reach to any heights of, what he says, “Egoism.”

Ego is a master-strategist, who single-handedly created and also manages Blue Lock. The procedure is so brutal that less than 4% of the total participants have made it thus far(considering the selection started with 300 players and only 11 are left).

Is Ego Jinpachi Former Pro Footballer Blue Lock?
Ego Jinpachi In Observation Room

He rarely makes any physical appearance, and mostly addresses from his “observation-room.”

Ego was also able to manipulate the higher-ups of the Japanese Football Association and forced them to take a decision. He won!

Why Is He Obsessed With Football?

What’s your say on this? No seriously! This dude is scary secretive with his plans. Having an interest into something is one thing, but being obsessed is on a whole different level.

In the shortest way if I try to explain, then he can ravage anything and anyone when it comes to playing the “right kind of Football.”

If you’ve already read the manga, then you’ll know what I’m exactly talking about! He spares no one, not even the highers-ups when they speak ill of Football.

I hope the manga reveals this secret soon, because I cannot hold it any longer! Below I’ve tried to make a speculation after reading many community posts and discussions.

Is Jinpachi A Former Pro-Footballer?

This is the biggest speculation about Ego. Is he a former pro-footballer who couldn’t make it to the top just because of his unique ways of thinking? Or is he just an exceptionally good strategist?

To get a little more idea I checked various discussions and most of the readers speculate that Ego was a football champion during his college days. But, he was forcefully let down just because of ruthless way of approaching football.

The other, less popular, theory suggest that Ego is an expert sports strategist who can meticulously carve out a path according to his will.

Isagi vs Rin

What I think? I also have a feeling that Jinpachi was a pro footballer during his college days, and most probably also the captain of his team. But, he lost credibility when his ideas and strategies failed to work and his team ended-up losing finals.

Anri, most probably, was his junior and the only person who could understand his strategy…Ego’s failure and withdrawal from sports forced her to take a vow to bring Ego back into football…


So, in conclusion, Ego Jinpachi is the most mysterious characters in Blue Lock. Let alone the players, not even Anri has ever talked about his past. And for now I assume that she is the only one who knows about his past because she is the one who brought him in!

I’m pretty sure the mangaka doesn’t want to waste any second on Jinpachi and will eventually reveal about his past when the time is right!

Honestly though, the mangaka is enjoying all this mystery about Ego, and that is NOT a good news for us fans who are eager to learn about his past!


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