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Black Clover Chapter 332 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked Online

Black Clover Chapter 332 Spoilers are finally leaked online.

Finally, the GOAT is back after 3 months hiatus. Though it’s the most exciting this, but also a sad one since it’s the last time they are returning! The series has officially entered it’s final arc.

Well, I won’t take much of your time. Let’s have a look into BC Spoilers 332

Black Clover Chapter 332 Spoilers

  • Chapter 332 title: “Final Declaration.”
  • Chapters begins with Lucifero almost dead, yet silently mumbling about having the strongest Magic.
  • To which Lucius appears and says that “Indeed, but in this world us humans have the most superior magic.”
  • He then takes Lucifero’s heart.
  • We see a time-skip of 1 years 3 months!
  • Asta is promoted to Senior Magic Knight. Yuno on the other hand is Grand Magic Knight.
  • We don’t see Yuno because he seems to be on a mission.
  • Then we see a panel where Asta is standing in front of all the Captains while both Mimosa and Noelle are blushing heavily.
  • Next we move on to the “best panel.” Yami is still confused about why Charlotte acts weird near him.
  • Finral said to Yami that Charlotte confessed her feelings while he was on the brink of death.
  • He sits on the toilet thinking hard whether Charlotte loves him.
  • We don’t see Damnatio.
  • Astas talks about who the next Wizard is going to be! But Fuegoleon denies and says that Wizard King must be chosen based on Merit.
  • Asta confessed to Sister Lily for the final time. This time again she doesn’t accept his proposal siting that they are like siblings.
  • Asta accepts it but says her to keep witnessing his growth!
  • Chapter ends with Lucius finally appearing while Asta is still chatting with Sister Lily.

Chapter 332 Discussion

Damn Asta looks insane. Especially with that even more buffed-up look! We have a time-skip again and this times it’s bigger than the previous one (1 year 3 months). And what’s the best thing? The boys have been promoted to Senior Knights.

Charlotte Black Clover

Noelle and Mimosa are looking as beautiful as they were before. No, I would say they look even better now!

The funniest thing about Chapter 332 is that Yami is still in confusion why Charlotte acts weird in front of him. Even though Finral told him that Charlotte confessed him when he was dying!

We also get Yami’s signature look (thinking hard while sitting in toilet); pondering hard whether Charlotte loves him.

Asta has finally proposed Sister Lily for the last time, and this time too she didn’t accept his confession! But unlike older times he didn’t react, rather he plainly accepted the fact and chose to move forward!

Lucius is finally here. I’m sure the final battle will begin within few chapters or so!

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