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One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers Leaked Online

Wano is coming to an end and One Piece is heading for its final arc. Shanks is here and the battle is only going to intensify from here onward! What’s going to happen? One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers will reveal everything that’s going to happen between Shanks and Luffy.


One Piece 1055 Spoilers are finally out:

  • Momo stops Yamato from taking any action as he wants to save Wano by himself. He things that it’s his duty to save Wano.
  • Momo finally uses “Bolo Breath” and injures Green Bull.
  • Green Bull wants injured critically because he was already prepared to face Shanks.
  • Green Bull immediately leaves the battle after he senses Shanks’ Conqueror Haki and also realizes that the Red Hair Pirates are nearby.
  • Sukiyaki (Oden’s dad) takes Robin & Law to the depths of Wano where the Road Poneglyph is.
  • Sukiyaki then explain how the current Wanokuni was built.
  • He reveals that Wano was a way bigger island but got smaller due to rising sea levels.
  • On the other side, Luffy and the Straw Hats crew continue with their party.
  • Chapter ends with Luffy sensing Shanks’ Haki, but it seems others with him don’t sense it.

Chapter 1055 Spoiler Discussion

We ALL are waiting for Luffy to finally meet Shanks after so many years. Oh! the nostalgia! I’m just wondering how hard Oda is working to make the meeting THE most important event in manga history.

And One Piece Chapter 1055 has taken a step forward towards it! Luffy has finally “sensed” Shanks’ Haki! I’m sure he won’t just ignore it and continue with the party.

One Piece Shanks

Hence, there are two things that might happen! The first is that Luffy gets overjoyed and run towards Shanks, they finally meet and things continue as normal.
The other thing (the negative one) that might happen is that Shanks leaves (once again) without meeting Luffy.

Well, if you ask me then I’m having a strong hunch that Shanks might meet Luffy but the meeting might end up being a heated one, where both of them either clash of challenge each other to win One Piece!

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